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"I will hurt you, but I will never harm you."

Phone Training Required Before In Person Meeting.

It is this strong credo that carries Mistress Karen Leigh, a vibrant 105 pound dynamo from North Carolina through life. While she has found through self-discovery in the last several years that BDSM was a part of her life that she had suppressed, Dominance has always been at the forefront, ever since she can remember. As far back as ten years old! There was a boy that she used to play with during the summer Well one afternoon, he was a little too playful, and Mistress decided he needed to be taught a lesson.

She went into the garage and got some old rope and returned to the tent in the back yard where they had been playing. In her stern manner, which was probably just as forceful as it is now, she ordered him to put his hands behind his back and proceeded to tie him up. He lay there on the ground, looking up in amazement, as she left the tent and got a branch that would make a good switch. She returned and informed the boy that he had to be punished, and then turned him over and administered the first official whipping of her life. She did it until the boy cried, and then went just a little longer. And then here is what displays who Mistress Karen Leigh is, better than anything else she took the boy, still bound, and placed his head in her lap and hugged and comforted him as he lay whimpering.

Transport this to the present day, and you have a lady who doesn't just embrace this lifestyle, she grabs it, shakes it around, adds a clothespin or dildo, and then molds it to get the most out of it. Her tenet, her bible has always been "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns", by Philip Miller and Molly Devon. The book is a thorough exploration of the many sides of sadomasochism, and it has helped to shape the person that is Mistress Karen Leigh.
It takes a special person to know what to do with the power given them by people who desire to be submissive. The line between hurt and harm is easily blurred, and abused by many. With her background and life experiences, Mistress Karen Leigh knows where the lines cross only too well. She will guide you to the edge, to feel the very powerful and erotic feelings that surface throughout your body, mind and soul when you are faced with the challenge of discovering the paradoxes that are as follows:


Black and white, good and bad, pain and pleasure. We find as adults that the world is filled with these delightful paradoxes and gray areas. For some, it is hard to swallow the concept that pleasure and pain can be one in the same. Intense pain is a physical sensation that allows the body to create powerful substances called endorphins. With Mistress Karen Leigh, the endorphin rush that one gets is unmatched! She is a master at the psychological effect of pain, and the anticipation that intensifies the experience by producing anxiety. Mixing the pain, and the anticipation of pain, along with caressing or comforting with words adds to the dilemma, and amplifies the experience. The skill, inclination, and instincts of Mistress Karen Leigh heighten the emotional connection with all who talk with her, or meet her.

I have to laugh as I articulate the major skill that separates Mistress Karen Leigh from the bevy of other dominatrix. This comes from having experienced this only too closely. This is the mental control that she has over those who serve her. She is very successful at dominating quite successfully without ever touching a whip, chain or clothespin. Rightfully so, she calls them props. For her, the mind that she possesses can sting or feel better than any instrument of torture that she could hold in her hands. Mistress can seduce a submissive to stretch limits, and never has to coerce.
A simple suggestion that the submissive try something, which seems totally repulsive will eventually worm their way into the mind. Gradually the submissive thinks maybe they could do it, until finally getting to the point where they obsess about it, pleading with Mistress Karen Leigh to try it. As I said, I speak from experience on this point.


In simplistic terms, Mistress Karen Leigh uses emotions as a medium of sexual expressions. She employs inhibitions and emotional buttons, turning the mind into an erotic playground. She exposes fears and buried insecurities, and in the revelation, change occurs. While it might not seem a natural extension of this arena, I can stand here today (or perhaps I should say kneel) and say that this woman has significantly changed my life. And I truly believe that no one else on this earth has the power and the skill to accomplish this. My self-exploration and discovery, along with my improvement physically, mentally and emotionally, is owed all because I turned control of my will to Mistress Karen Leigh.

She is a delicious sadist, in every sense of the word. Mistress gets great pleasure from the giving of pain, dominance and/or humiliation. She makes it work so well by engendering honest, sincere communication and profound trust.It allows her to use bondage, sensory deprivation, flagellation, verbal dominance, behavior modification and mind games to guide you through an incredible erotic experience, one that will have you coming back for more!

While the most important part of who Mistress Karen Leigh is comes in listening to her voice, and seeing the dominance and control in her eyes, that doesn't mean she is without "props" or a very well equipped dungeon.That is quite to the contrary. She has a large, well-furnished dungeon for personal appointments to the submissives who measure up to her expectations. Don't expect to schedule a visit until you have satisfactorily gone through extensive phone training sessions. She is very particular in who can muster up to the high standards that she is accustomed.
Floggers, whips, canes, cats, paddles, shackles, chains, rope, gags, hoods, clamps, dildos, and other devious devices of torment and torture align the walls of her well-stocked dungeon. Wooden pony, dildo stool, St Andrews cross, Iron Maiden, racks, stocks, examination table, poles, cages, and suspension equipment will take you away to that place known as "sub-space". Bondage, humiliation (both mental and physical), pain, anal training, cbt, and any fantasy that you can imagine are all within the boundaries of the mysterious Mistress Karen Leigh. You haven't lived until you have been through an extended flogging session with the Mistress. It can produce the most erotic sensations you have ever experienced in your life. In all that has been said, perhaps it is her ability to listen, to care, and to evict the hidden passions deep within you, that makes her such a special lady. You can go somewhere else to find pleasure in a matter of minutes. There are plenty of those places available to all. However, Mistress Karen Leigh will make you think, make you explore, make you feel, and most of all, make you surrender and turn your control over to her. It shouldn't be any other way!


A Note from
The Mistress

To those of you who HAVE already had the courage to call Me.... I applaud and bask in your decision. From My sissy boys who wear panties to work, to those pain sluts who know the feeling of erotic discomfort every time they sit down, I want to personally congratulate you for your conviction and devotion.

To those who have NOT picked up the telephone to follow your pangs of intrigue, let Me say you have shown boldness just to get this far!  Now it is time to follow up on the resolution and strength that you have demonstrated, and reward yourself by giving your control to Me.   I know the emotional buttons to push, so that you will be completely vulnerable, out of control, and intensely humilated.

Kneel at My exquisite long legs, with your knees dutifully spread wide, your shoulders straight, and your eyes are lowered.  You sense Me near you, inspecting you as you feel My spiked heel probe all that is Mine.  The electricity of the moment will overwhelm you, as you shiver in wonderment as your mind tries to understand the reaction your body is having to kneeling before Me.

I look forward to hearing from you, new and old.
CALL 1-919-837-0144 TODAY.  What you thought was unique only to you, is in fact within us all.  I know, with My soothing but dominating probing, just how to push those buttons that will have you exploring the wonders of pain, humiliation and bondage.  Your voice will go soft, your words will quiver as I bring out all that you want to feel.

It's okay.  That is how it should be!
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