*Chapter 1*

"Kristin!! I SWEAR, I was NOT with another girl last week!! Just
because you saw it in the tabloids doesn't mean it's true, baby!" Justin
yelled into the phone. He was having yet another argument with his current
"other hip", Kristin.
"I don't know how he puts up with that every day," Lance mumbled under
his breath. "I dunno either man, she would have been gone a looooong time
ago." Joey replied. The guys sat in silence, afraid to move. Justin always
got so pissed off when she would call him, yelling at him about what the
latest tabloids or teenybopper magazines said. It took him 3 months to
convince her he wasn't still dating Britney Spears. Needless to say, Kristin
wasn't thrilled with the idea of Justin having a girl for a best friend. Her
name was Roxie. He had grown up with her. They had built treehouses
together, camped out together, anything two people could do together, they'd
done it. They were even one another's first kiss.
"Kris...NO! I already TOLD you, there's nothing going on between me
and..Kris? HELLO? he slammed the phone down. "She hung up on me again. The
nerve of that..breathe, Timberlake. Breathe." He picked the phone back up.
he dialed the number to Roxie and Teri's dorm room. "AHHH it's busy! Why is
it..JC!!!!" JC walked up to the front, cell phone attached to his ear.
"What, man? I'm talkin to my Teri. She says Roxie's at a class, anyways." JC
stuck his tongue out at Justin, then walked back to the back of the bus.
"WHY is my best friend never around when I need to vent to her?" Justin
sighed, and shoved his phone into his bag. He got up and crawled unto his
~~later that night, after the concert~~
Justin reached for the bottle of water in his bag, and he got out his
phone. 15 missed calls.."Probably Roxie. She worries too much." He laughed,
dialing her number. "Hello? JC?" Teri answered. "No, Ter. Your man's in the
bathroom. Lemme speak to Rox." In the distance Justin could hear Teri
screaming for Rox to get her butt up and get the phone. He laughed again.
Teri and Roxie were best friends.
"Hey Rox..It's J."
"Hey Justin! JC told Teri that you called here earlier, that you and
Kristin got in a fight again. You'll NEVER guess what she called me about."
"Kristin called you..? What for?"
"To tell me I needed to stop hanging around you so much, I needed to
find my own man and stop trying to get with hers." Roxie said, laughing.
"She's unreal, J. Such a witch."
Justin was so angry at Kristin. The NERVE of her to call and bitch out
his friend. But she's just protective, he reasoned. "Don't call her that.
I'm sorry for how she talked to you, I'll make sure that doesn't happen
Rox rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe he was defending her AGAIN.
"I have to go work on a paper J, talk to you laters." She hung up, and
sighed. 'One day he'll realize she's not the one he's meant for.' she
thought to herself.

*Chapter 2*

Teri walked into the room to see Roxie with her head down on her desk.
"Rox, wake up sweeti," Teri said. "What?" she said sleepily. "Lay in your
bed. I wanted you to know that Jc was coming over. Oh and yeah Kristin
called again. I told her that you were asleep because you were and I figured
you didn't want to talk to her again," Teri said. "Okay, Ter. Thanks. Tell
Jc I said hi, but I wanna go to sleep," Roxie
said. "Good nite sweeti, sweet dreams," Teri said.
Jc walked to the door and knocked. Teri opened the door. "Hey honey,"
Teri said hugging him. Jc walked in. "Angel, how are you?" Jc asked his
girlfriend of nearly 2 years. Teri sat down on the couch, Jc sitting rite
next to her. "I love you, angel," he said. "I love you, too, honey," Teri
said. Jc began to kiss her passionately. Moving his hands all around her
*With Justin and Kristin*
"Kristin, why did you tell Rox not to hang around me?" Justin asked
angrily. "Who told you that?" Kristin asked trying to look suprised. "She
did. Don't tell my friends that ever again. Roxie is my best friend, she has
been forever," Justin said even more angered by her lying to him. "Whatever
you are probably fucking her anyways," Kristin said. "I'm not going to sit
here and listen to this. I'm going," Justin said walking out the door.
Justin was so mad. So hurt that his girlfriend would think he'd cheat
on her. Justin didn't know where he was going. Justin stopped at the stop
light. It was getting late no one was really out. The light changed to
green. Justin took off.

*With Jc & Teri*
Jc and Teri were in her room on the bed. Jc moved to undo her pants
when the phone rang. Breaking the moment Teri got up and answered the phone.
It was Lance. "Teri, um I dunno how to tell you. Justin was in a car
accident and in critical condition," Lance said. Teri was speechless
listened to Lance and then hung up the phone. "Jc, Justin was in a car
accident. He's in critical condition," Teri said. "I have to go tell Rox,"
Teri said putting her shirt back on. Teri entered Roxie's room followed by
Jc. "Rox, sweeti," Teri said. "What is it? What's wrong?" Roxie asked seeing
the tears from her face and noticing
Jc had tears also. "What's wrong? Something wrong? Are you pregnant, Teri?"
Roxie asked. "No, Rox. It's.." Teri said trying to not to cry.
"Is it Justin?" Roxie asked.

*Chapter 3*

Teri looked down at her feet and whispered in a barely audible voice,
"Rox. Justin's been in a car accident. They're not sure if he's gonna make
it." Roxie turned pale. She felt her heart literally stop. Everything just
started spinning around her. She tried to speak, "Just..car acc..not gonna
make.." And then she lost it. Just started completely bawling. Teri and JC
helped her into the car and they left for the hospital.
*****At the Hospital*****
Roxie practically ran into the waiting room. "What room?!?!?!" She
asked, out of breath. "Whoooooa Rox. Sweeti, calm down." Teri said, Jc's arm
tightly wrapped around her waist. "Room 421," Joey said, looking up. His
face was red from the crying. Teri and JC sat in two of the waiting room
chairs. JC nuzzled his face into her neck. "I don't know what I'll do if he
doesn't make it, Teri." "He'll be okay, JC." She reassured him.
Roxie walked down the long hallway, until she got to his doorway. She
peered in, and saw Lynn. She looked so hopeless. Roxie walked in and sat
down beside her. "Hey, Mom." She called her. Ever since she was 10, she'd
always called Lynn 'Mom.' "Hey, Hun. He doesn't look the same, does he?"
"Well. He does kinda look like he's been...in a car accident.." Lynn laughed
lightly. "The doctors told me earlier that he has a very slim chance of
making it through the night, but if he does, he'll be okay." They sat there
for a couple of minutes in silence, when JC and Teri came in the room, and
offered Lynn a ride home. To shower, and see Paul, and such. They all left,
and Roxie turned back to face Justin. "You can't leave me, you know. I
wouldn't be able to function without you...I.." She laid her head down on
the remaining part of the pillow, beside Justin's face. "You remember when I
would sneak into your room at night and sleep over? Cmon, Justin. Are you
still in there? Can you hear me? I..I need you.."
*****At Lynn's House*****
Teri and JC had gone with Lynn to her house. They listened painfully as
Lynn called each and every family member and had to re-tell the horrible
story of what had happened only a few hours earlier. Jonathan came down the
stairs and sat in Jc's lap. He looked up at Teri. "Hey Jc's girlfriend..is
Justin gonna be okay? He'll be alright, won't he? He told me that he would
teach me how to play basketball just like him tomorrow..and.." His bottom
lip started quivering. "Aww..Jon he'll be just fine. He may not make it to
the game tomorrow, but he'll definitely take a raincheck." Teri tried to
smile and be positive. JC thought to himself 'I wish that was true. I wish
we could be so sure.' JC laid his head on Teri's shoulder as he slowly
drifted to sleep.
*****Waiting Room*****
"Roxie's been in there an awfully long time. I mean, what could she
possibly be talking about?" Lance asked. Chris walked in, "She's not
talking. She's sleeping, beside him." "Aww..really? I think those two make a
cute couple." "Well,. If only Justin would realize that." Just then, a very
angry Kristin stormed into the waiting room. "Where is Justin?! WHY didn't
any of you tell me about this?? I want to see Justin." She demanded.

*Chapter 4*

Lance grew angry when he heard what Kristin said.
"Well, it's not my job or anyone else's to tell you what happened to him," Joey said. "I'm his girlfriend," she said. "Yeah, the bitch of a girlfriend, who is probably the reason Justin is in the hospital," Lance said pissed everyone looked at him shocked.
"Someone had to say it sooner or later. Kristin you treat Justin like he's your property. You accuse him of cheating on you at every opportunity. I don't even know what he sees in you. Even though he'd be better off with I dunno Roxie. You are not going to see him. Okay?" Lance said. "Whatever," Kristin said turning and walking away.

**Justin's Room**
Roxie woke up to see Justin was still there 'asleep.' She couldn't stand seeing her best friend like that. "You know what, J. When Teri came in and told me that you were in a car accident I thought she was going to tell me she was pregnant. Because damn the way those to go at you think she would be. I know you might hate me if you heard me say this. These past few months that you and Kristin have been together. I wanted so bad to tell you that she's not your happy ending. Remember when we were 12. How you came up with that 'She's my happy ending' It was my birthday and you said you were looking for the girl who was your happy ending. Remember I had a crush on you at the time. I heard you tell umm..one of your friends. 'That Roxie, she's my happy ending,' Remember we went out for a year and a half. I remember even after we broke up that it didn't seem that different then before. Why now does it feel weird to me?" Roxie said crying on the pillow. Crying herself back to sleep.
***Lynn's House***
Jon was laying on Jc's lap asleep and his head was on Teri's asleep. Teri just sat there staring at him. She had to get her mind off Justin. She hated to see her best friend and boyfriend like this.
Teri saw how good Jc was with kids and wanted that. She wanted to be everything to him. His 'happy ending' as he called it. "Jc," she whispered. "What?" he asked. "Let's put Jon to bed," she said. Teri picked him and he wrapped his arms around her. Lynn and Paul were asleep. Teri sat Jon on the bed and tucked him in. "Jc's girlfriend?" Jon whispered. "Yes, Jon?" she asked. "Teri, make sure Justin is okay. If you talk to him. Tell him I love him," Jon said. "I will, Jon," Teri whispered and kissed him on the cheek. "Sweet dreams, sweeti," Teri said. She turned the light off and walked out the door.
Teri walked back into the living and saw Lynn awake in the kitchen. "Lynn we are gonna head back to the hospital," Jc said. "Yeah, I'm gonna check on Roxie," Teri said.

The guys were still in the waiting room when Jc and Teri arrived. "Hey guys," Teri said. "Where's Rox?" "Still in with Justin," Lance said. Teri went and sat down and Jc followed her. He wrapped his arms around her and she laid her head on his shoulder. She then moved her head to his lap. She laid there falling asleep as he brushed his fingers through her hair.

**Justin's Room**
Roxie was asleep on Justin's pillow. Sudden movement became in the room. Justin opened his eyes. Thinking he would see Kristin sitting there or his Mom, but when he looked it was Roxie, asleep and looking beautiful. Thoughts were going crazy in his head. Something was different now. He was glad it was her not Kristin because honestly he didn't want have anything to do with her. He didn't love her. Something in him looked at Roxie differently now.

*Chapter 5*

Justin whispered softly, "Rox. Hun. Wake up..Roooooooooox..Wake
uuuuupppppp..." It wasn't working. Justin pushed the button and the bottom
half of the bed started moving downward. Roxie slowly realized she was
falling. She woke up startled. She looked up and screamed, "JUSTIN!!!!!
YOU'RE AWAKE!!!!!!!!" He covered his ears. "Yes, I noticed. Thank you." They
laughed and she reached up and hugged him. "I'm so glad you're okay, I don't
know how I would have gotten along without you." She whispered in his ear.
Her lips being so close sent shivers down his spine. "Me too.."He managed to
say. What was going on? Why was he feeling like this all of a sudden?
The guys and Teri all heard Roxie's screaming. "OMG HE'S UP!!!" Teri
shouted. They ran into his room. "Hey guys!!!" Justin said, Roxie pulling
away from him. Her face turned red. "So. How ya feelin, bro?" JC asked.
"Well, I'm okay. My ribs kind of hurt, and my right leg. And I have one
killer headache. But other than that, I'm just peachy." Teri remember what
she had promised Jonathan before she left. "Hey J..Jon says that he loves
you and he hopes you feel better." Justin smiled a Teri. "Aww...oh no! I
forgot about our bball game today!" Teri laughed. "I'm sure he'd understand.
And besides, me and JC told him you'd take a raincheck." "Thanks!" Justin
replied. They all sat around the bed, Teri sitting in Jc's lap because of
the lack of chairs. JC leaned up and whispered in her ear, "I'm so glad he's
alright, baby." "Me too, JC. Me too." Teri watched the way Roxie was looking
at Justin. Her eyes were so lit up, she had such a cheesin' smile on her
face. Teri thought to herself, 'Yup. She's got it bad. If only Justin would
notice. Clueless, guys are so clueless,'
***Justin's Mom's House***
"He woke up?!?! OH Thank you doctor!! I'll let Lynn know right away!"
Paul hung up the receiver and ran into the bathroom. Lynn was taking a
shower. Paul wrote 'Justin's awake!!!' onto the mirror, that was steamed up
because of the hot water Lynn was using. He snuck out of the bathroom. About
10 minutes later he heard Lynn go "AHHH!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!" She ran out in
her towel and jumped in Paul's arms. "I have to go call everyone and let
them know!!" "No, hunny. You go see Justin, I'll make the calls." "Thank you
Paul!!" She ran and got dressed, and was on her way in like 3 seconds.
***At the Hospital***
Lynn made her way to Justin's room. She stood outside of it for a
minute, watching the way Justin laughed with his friends. 'I've never taking
any of this for granted, ever again.' She promised herself. She walked in.
"Mom!!!!!!!" Justin yelled. "Hey baby!!" she replied. Everyone got up and
walked out so she could have time alone with her son. Roxie was the last one
walking out. Lynn grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear, "Thank you for
staying with him the whole time." "It was my pleasure," Roxie answered. She
kissed Lynn's cheek, then walked out the room. As Lynn sat down, she was
running the scene in her mind that she saw outside the doorway a couple of
minutes ago. 'Funny,' she thought to herself. 'Roxie and Justin were holding