.this ending was written by tara.

"Okay, here Daphne. Here's your house."
"I'll call you Lance. Bye!"
"Lance, what was the thing that you and Daphne were going to tell us?"
"Ummm....I think we'll tell you once everyone is well."
"Come on! Why can't you tell me now? I'm well."
"Well, you see, uhh...I can't yet."
"Oh, sure. Okay Lance."

*At the house*
"I'm going to go back to the hospital now, so you can put Chris to bed, then go to bed or do whatever. I don't know when I'll be back, so don't expect me to be back at a certain time." Lance leaves and Anna goes to take Chris to his bed.
"Anna, where did everyone go? How did I get back here?"
"They went to go rest, and I brought you up here."
"Oh. Goodnight Anna."
"Goodnight sweetheart."


*Next Week*
"We're back!" JC cried.
"Hi guys!"
"Hey Anna."
"Yeah, umm, Joey can we talk?" Joey nods and they walk away.
"I guess I should have asked you first about the phone numbers and then the girls a-"
"Wait. What phone numbers?"
"Ya know the girls you met at the mall?"
"No I don't know. Who told you I met girls at the mall?"
"JC and Chris, but they had proof to. Numbers and names written down on paper."
"Hang on a sec. Lemme go talk to them."
"Why did you guys tell Anna I met girls at the mall when I didn't?!"
"We didn't."
"Cuz your a smooth operator, Joey!" Chris says.
"What?! Okay, apparently you did. But why?"
"For Justin!" Chris blurts out once more.
"Why then for Justin?"
"No reason," then JC mumbled, "Chris don't say anything."
"Well I'll just have to figure out myself."
"Justin, can I talk to you?"
"I guess."
"Why did you want to break me and Anna up so bad?"
"No reason."
"Come on...I know you are hiding something."
"No I'm not."
"Tell me..."
"No, I can't."
"A-ha! See, you are hiding something!"
"I mean, I couldn't if I was hiding something, but I'm not."
"Maybe it's in there." Joey said pointing at Justin's notebook.
"Let's just see," he said picking it up.
"No! You can't! It's personal!"
"Then it must be in here!"
"No, it's not, but that's just real personal!" Justin said grabbing it from Joey.
"Sure. Whatever Justin."
"Bye Joey," Justin said in a sarcastic voice. When he left, Justin started to write in it.

...I just got back from the hospital. I was in a car accident and had to recover there. When I got home, Joey suspected that I was hiding something from him, something about..her. I told him I wasn't and he almost read this notebook. I hope JC and Chris don't blow my cover.

Then he shut it and went to his closet. He found another uncut picture and cut Joey out. He pasted Anna to his wall and then went to work on Joey. He cut him into to sreads and threw him on the floor. He steped on the pieces and then left his closet to walk downstairs.
When he saw Joey in the living room with Anna, he decided to go into the kitchen instead. He went in and saw Lance cooking something.
"What are you making Lance?"
"A casserole with a name I can't say."
"Oh. Lance, now will you tell me what you were going to tell me once everyone was well?"
"Just wait a little bit Justin. You'll find out in time!"
Justin walked over to JC and Chris in another room playing video games.
"Did you guys say something to Joey about me having a crush on Anna?"
"No. But Chris almost did."
"He almost read my notebook."
"That would have been bad."
"What would have been bad?" Anna walks in the room.
"Oh nothing, right JC?!" Justin bumps him.
"Oww! Oh, uhh, yeah. Nothing." Anna gives them a funny look.
"Anna, can I talk to you?"
"Sure Justin." JC and Chris leave the room.
"Please don't tell Joey that I like you. He'll freak and kill me."
"I won't Justin."
"I promise. Do you know what Lance is making?"
"Some kind of casserole that he found out of a recipe book."
"Hope it'll be good. Talk to ya later Justin."
"See ya at dinner."


*Later that night*
"I got it!"
"Why, hello JC."
"Hi Ms. Hoover."
"LANCE! She's here!"
"Hello Daphne." Lance apprears in the doorway.
"Hi Lance."
"Here, follow me into the dining room." She takes his hand. In the dining room, everyone is getting seated. Everyone sits down and Chris grabs for the food, but Lance stops him.
"Wait. I have something to announce to everyone."
"We have something to announce," Ms. Hoover says standing up.
"What is it Lance?" Joey says with a worried look on his face.
"We're going to have a baby."
Everyone is silent for a second and JC gasps.
Joey immediately stands up and blurts out in one breath, "What?! Lance, lemme guess. Daphne will move in, you guys will get married, and then I have to work more, you will have to work more, Anna will have to give you extra money, and Lance, what are we going to do?!"
"Joey. Calm down. Everything will be fine," Anna says reaching for his hand and clasping onto it. He looks at her and sits back down as his frown fades into a smile.
"Lance? Will it be okay?" Justin asks turning towards him. Lance looks uncertain, but replies with a simple nod.
"How 'bout we just put this all behind us now and eat," Anna says and motions towards the food.
"Sounds good to me!" Chris says and starts eating.