.this ending was written by tara.

"Come on we can't be late to pick them up. There's gonna be like some big news." Anna shouted.
"OK we're coming." They all piled into the car and started for the airport. They rode in silence for about 10 minutes until Justin broke it.
"There's something I need to tell you." He whispered to Anna.
"What is it?"
"I like you."
"I like you too."
"No, I like you, like you. Really like you."
"You do?"
"Yeah and that's why all this stuff with you dumping Joey was so important to me.""Oh."
"And I know I have no chance with you, cause I'm just a kid."
"Justin, gee, I had no idea, and I don't really have anything to say. I think it's sweet.""You do?"
"Yeah. I can't believe you would go to all that trouble just so you could be with me and if only you were just a little bit older you would have a chance." Justin waits for something more, but looks up to see a terrified look on her face.
"Joey watch out!"


"Where are they?" Lance paced in the airport.
"They probably just got stuck in traffic why don't we just take a cab."
"What if they come out here and we're not here.""Then they'll come home OK?"
"OK let's get a cab."They walked inside the empty home and was greeted by Freddie.
"Guys we're home!" Lance shouted. "See I told you we should've waited."
"Look you got a message it's probably them telling you where they are." He went over and pushed the button. "Ahh I got a machine. I don't really know what to say except there's been an accident and come down to the hospital whenever you get home."
"They must have gotten the wrong number. We should call them up and find out who they're really looking for."
"Lance, we need to go to the hospital."
"No we don't, we have to wait here for them when they get home."
"Come on." They drove down to the hospital and they were greeted by their doctor friend, Dr. Rogers.
"Lance, I have good news for you, and then fairly bad news."
"Well, tell me the good news first."
"Chris and Adrianna made it through just fine."
"What about the others?"
"Their still recovering."
"Will they make it?"
"We think so. And we're pretty positive about that."
Lance sighs and Dr. Rogers walks off.
"Oh Lance, I hope they'll be just fine."
"I'm sure they will. Let's go find Anna and Chris."
"Lance! Daphne! I'm so glad to see you," Adrianna says from the waiting room.
"How was your trip?"
"It was good. Here how-'bout I take Chris and you can go see them." She nods and hands an asleep Chris to Lance.
She finds the room numbers and goes to their rooms. She finds Joey's first. She goes in and sits down by his bed.
"Oh Joey. I hope you get better. Maybe I should've asked about the numbers before I broke up with you. I dunno." She pauses to give him a kiss on the cheek. "I wonder if you can hear me. I hope you get better real soon." Then she pats his arm and gets up to leave.
Justin is in the room across from Joey. He woke up 5 minutes before Adrianna came into Joey's room and sees the whole scene. When Anna walks in, he turns away angrily.
"Oh Justin! Your awake."
"Yeah, I noticed," he mumbles.
"Are you doing okay."
"I guess."
"I'm sorry I didn't have anything to say in the car."
"Don't be."
"Well, I really mean it."
"I kinda wish I wouldn't have told you, so I could still admire you without you knowing," then he mumbles to himself,"Cuz your to beautiful for me to take my eyes off you."
"What? I think I heard you this time!" she smiles.
"I'm sorry I'm not old enough for you."
"That's okay. Your still sweet." She kisses him on the cheek.
"Does that mean you would be my girlfriend?"
"Don't push it. I like you better as a friend anyways."
"Darn!" he mutters.
"Oh nuttin'!"
"Bye Justin. Get better soon!"
"Kay. Bye Anna."
She walks into JC's room.
"Hey JC."
"I wonder if you can hear me...If you can, I hope you get better soon. I'll miss you at the house until you come home..." She gives him a kiss on the cheek and starts to leave.
"Bye sweetie. Hope to see you at home soon." She meets Lance and Daphne in the waiting room.
"I'll take you two and Chris home, and then I'll come back to see the boys."
"Lance, Justin is awake."
"Really? Kay, lemme see him right now. Really quick!" Lance gets the room number and goes into his room.
"Hey buddy! How ya feeling?"
"Fine, Lance. How was your trip."
"What did you need to tell us?"
"Uhh...we'll tell you when everyone's well. Justin, I have to go, but I'll be back to see you again."
"Okay Lance. Bye for now."