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Two Important Things

There are two things that are important
They are flip-side opposites
Time guarantees we’ll see both
As time itself runs through the hourglass
We are only closer to the other
As one runs out
One of these is life.
It is indeed a wonderful thing
Smiling, laughing, crying and hurting
We are learning and growing
And in the end, we realize
Tis the little things that matter most
Not wealth and prestige
These are fleeting and petty, but Knowledge
The Knowledge we receive
Is the greatest treasure we can lay in store
The other of these things is death
It is indeed a wonderful thing
Though many are afraid
Again, Knowledge
Peaceful, painless, resting
Entering the promised eternal glory
Seeing people thought lost
Families and friends re-united for all eternity
We take Knowledge with us
And only time grants us that.
There are many ideas about these things
Different perceptions for different people
You must take your time
And think long and hard about both.

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