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The Dark Gift

Come to me mine Childe
So tender thy youthful flesh
Staring starry eyed in the innocence of the unsullied
Thy breath quickens, the gentle wind of life
Thy chest heaves…my but thy heart pounds
The ruby hued wine of thine life’s essence
Racing towards mine lips, the sweetest of concoctions

Do not shudder and cry out so my dear.

Mine arms will enshroud in the comforting dark,
Let thine eyes absorb the dark,
The pale moon will ever be your light,
And I, the only star to guide you.
Calm and solace you shall find with me
Exquisite beauty and unspeakable horror
Tis all one in the same…

In me
Now in you.

I shall teach thee of the wonders of the night,
But for right now my dear, you die

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