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This a various compilation of some of my own poems, musings and ramblings.  Some are taken from experiences from my life and others from the depths of the labyrinth that is my mind. I've tried to include a brief description of each so you can have an idea what you are about to read. I hope you enjoy. One thing though, all rights are reserved, so if you see something you like and want to use it for something just drop me a line using the icon at the bottom of the page and ask for permission.  Pretty simple right? Well just so credit is given where it is due.

Two Important Things ~ I wrote this after my grandmother died when I was 12 and looking for an explanation about the meaning of life.

A Concerned Friend ~ A song about loyalty between friends.

Masks ~ We all have them...and hide behind them.

What Do We Know? ~ Some ideas on the nature of reality.

The Dark Gift ~ Written from a vampire's point of view, speaking to a new chylde.

A Dream ~ One woman's fondest wish.

For Kris... ~ In memory of a murdered friend.

The End of Hell ~ A battered woman's escape from her abuser.

Hope ~ Just a few thoughts on the subject of hope....and death.