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Welcome to DarkeHome

Weary from your many adventures and seeking shelter from the storm rumbling in the distance, your ship cuts through the clinging mists. It is dusk. Hunger and fatigue threaten to overtake you. You rub your eyes in disbelief at the black mountain peak jutting out of the water where a minute before was naught but the tempermental ocean. The unfathomable waters are still, calmed by some unseen hand. The fierce wind ceases it's raging, becoming gentle as the caress of a kitten's tail against your cheek. As your vessel is inexorably drawn towards the mountain face, no fear of beaching plagues you. A dragon turns lazy circles in the air above you as witness. His aerial acrobatics captivate your attention, filling your mind with wonderment and delight. Your vessel comes to an easy stop in the hidden cove. You notice a turreted castle nestled comfortably within the sharp obsidian daggers. It is warmly lighted in the lower levels though the towers are steeped in shadows. A gleaming bridge of silver strands extends from the gates to the deck of your ship. A soft voice whispers to your mind, "Rest easy, dear Traveller. You are welcome in my home. Step upon the bridge and enter my domain...if you wish..."

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  • This site is a collection of various musings, written works and some of my favorite links. It is also still under construction, so visit often as it will be developing over the next few weeks. I am of the opinion that the search for knowledge and understanding is never-ending. We all are both students and teachers. So, if you have any suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an e-mail or visit the voicechat. I wish you well, friend.