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CSIS Site Review

by: Heather Allan

SITE:  Canadian Security Intelligence Service


SITE AUTHOR: CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service

DATE OF VISIT: October 20th, 2000

DESCRIPTION: This site looks at the issues surrounding the cyber terrorist threat and security concerns from the viewpoint of a governmental security agency. It outlines in basic terms the dangers that our country and various infrastructures are facing with Canada's access to the World Wide Web.  There are some informational links included that are from the 1999 Report of the Special Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence chaired by the Honourable William M. Kelly as well as some very good articles.

EVALUATION: I found this site to be informational and concise even though it isn't all that flashy. All the links that I tried out worked. Although I am not a strong supporter or believer in the effectiveness of government, I was impressed with the validity of the arguments presented and the fact that CSIS seems to be one of the most open Intelligence Agencies in the world. The information that is presented is done in a professional manner but is still understandable to those who may not have a vast amount of knowledge in this area.

OVERALL: Outstanding
               Reviewed by Heather Allan, University College of the Cariboo, Kamloops B.C.

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