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    This page and the links found within is dedicated to a class that i am taking which this semester at UCC.  The links will take you to various projects that I have done for the class which were to be published on the Web.  There are a variety of issues which are discussed including some of my thoughts and arguements concerning the ethics and "reality" of cyberspace as well as the nature of virtual communities.

Essay 1 ~This is an essay which discusses various ideas about how one is personally affected when their character is voilated online and the emotional ramifications on not only the victim but the virual community itself.

Site Review ~ This is a site review of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service site which I had to do for my cyberphil class.

Article Review ~ This is an article review from the CSIS site about the cyber terrorist threat to Canada.

MUD Review ~ This is a review of the Grojo MUD that we were required to join for the class. It's a great place and I quite enjoy the time I spend there.

Governence and Hackers ~ This is my final paper for my cyberphil class that deals with some of the issues surrounding hackers and non-hacker's view about property rights.