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"Just a Few"

My first tombstone was constructed out of foam-core, duct tape, red light gel. 2 night lights, a piece of carved styrofoam and spraypaint.

This photo also shows a very large 'femur' or leg bone that eventually became 'Impy's' right thigh. The bone was constructed out of (gift wrap) cardboard tube, paper towel and duct tape, coated with a layer of Amaco Sculptamold mixed with glue, and painted white.

The tombstones that followed were made out of 2 inch thick styrofoam and carved and 'melted' with a Weller soldering iron. (If you elect to use this method make sure you have EXCELLENT ventilation or so it outside. Avoid breathing in any fumes from this.) Here's 2 I made this way:

'Vlad's' tombstone is one of my favorites......and yes....I know his last name is actually spelled T-E-P-E-S....but I really liked the 'ISH' thing. : )