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Generation 1

William HARRIS.

Child of William HARRIS is:

1. John HARRIS.

Generation 2

John HARRIS married Phebe BEESON in East Nottingham Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Richard BEESON and his wife Charity GRUBB.

Child of John HARRIS and his wife Phebe BEESON is:

1. Charity HARRIS, born November 5, 1731 in East Nottingham Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania. She married (1) Abraham SIDWELL May 5, 1756 in West Nottingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, the son of Hugh SIDWELL and Anne HAYES. She married (2) Curtis METCALF in 1779, the son of James METCALF and his wife Margaret BRITTON .

Children of Charity HARRIS and Abraham SIDWELL are:

1. Charity SIDWELL, born 1757.

2. Hugh SIDWELL, born 1760.

3. Phebe Ann SIDWELL, born 1762.

4. Abraham SIDWELL, born 1762.

5. Nathan SIDWELL, born 1770.

6. Susanna SIDWELL, born 1772.

7. Mary SIDWELL, born 1774.

8. Henry SIDWELL, born July, 25 1774?

Children of Charity HARRIS and Curtis METCALF are:

9. Abigail METCALF.

10. Isaac METCALF, born April 11, 1780. He died April 29, 1843 in Kirkwood Township, Belmont County, Ohio.