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A Website For Daddy To Smile At

My Favorite things about my daddy

My Favorite things to do

Mess my diapers everytime my mommie puts me down
Throwing my toys like they are cool
Just to be held everytime mommie puts me down and tries to do something without me

I am a pretty good kid, though I am a Angel. My mommie and daddy are the best parents that I could of asked for. I think my mommie looks funny with that purple and black hair though, but still she is the ol' bottle getter, can't complain much there. My daddy is just plain ol' silly, he ran around like he had no head at times. He makes mommie laugh and me smile, but now that I can laugh. I can't wait till he gets home to make me and mommie laugh together. I love him, his my daddy! I love you Daddy!

xoxoxoxoxo (love from a little heart that is pure)

my 1st webpage

Me And My Family

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