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Born on Sept. 1st. It was in May of 1996, when I first fell in love with a sweet 2 year old boy.
I adopted Nathanel Marcus and his new born baby sister Sophie on May 25th.
Their mother was a drug addict in New York.
Nathanel was a bright happy little boy, yet always ill.
I never could have childern of my own, so I thought of my two adopted childern as my angels.
I did not know my childern were dying.
My two babies were dianosed with the HIV virus on June 1st, 1996.
Right away my husband, Kyle, and I went on search for all the info we could find.
We wanted to give our childern the best chance they could have of surriving.
We spent over thousands of dollars on Nathanel's meds.
Nathanel was nicknamed "Sunshine", for when ever he walked into a room he would lite it up.
He had a really bright inner light.
Nathanel never gave up faith.
He was always strong, and always remembered to take his drugs and make sure little Sophie got hers.
He was the best big brother a little girl could ever ask for.
Nathanel started school this past year.
He was really excited.
A smart little boy, for his age.
All his teachers knew of his virus, yet did not treat him like he was "Different".
He made many friends and was loved by everyone.
On May 3rd, 1999; I recived a phone call from my sons teacher.
My little boy was ill.
I rushed him to the hospital.
I called my husband to come, and to bring Sophie.
The doctor told me " Caroline, your little boy has AIDS. Nathanel's T-count is really low; meaning your son is dying."
How could that be?
My little boy was only 5 years old.
He only surrived 2 more days after that.
Nathanel Marcus White died on May 5th, 1999. He was only 5 years old.
Our little boy was laied to rest on May 8th.
He was burried in a white suit with a yellow tie.
All of the family came, and his class mates.
It rained the day of his funeral.
To me the sun never really shines any more.
The light I once saw is gone.
No one will ever forget "The Sunshine".
The cure was to late for my little Sunshine, but it may not be for many others. Please support the fight for a cure. No person should be told they are going to... die..

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Thank you Kari for My Sons Graphics

World Aids Day is Dec. 1st,
please take time to remember
those childern lost from this
horrible illness and
pray for a cure.

Song here is You Are My Sunshine

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