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My Red Sox Story

Hi, my name is John and I am 26 years old. Like many other New Englanders, being a Red Sox fan is a family tradition. My story is a little bit different than most though. I was born in Maine, but grew up mainly in North Carolina. I played baseball as a kid, but did not start watching until I was about 12. My family moved back to Maine after my Grandfather passed away and stayed for 2 years. This just happened to be in 1986 when the Red Sox made the World Series against the New York Mets. After watching the series that year I was hooked. I once again live in NC and do not have a lot of other fans around me. I use DirecTV's Extra Innings to catch as many Sox games as possible. My family here like the Red Sox but are not as "obsessed" as I am. I have used the internet as a means to collect and maintain my love of baseball and the Red Sox. This web site is another means of my expressing my fandom!

I made it to my first professional baseball games in 1999 (see pictures on this site) in Atlanta while the Red Sox were in town. Prior to the start of the first of two games Pedro actually tossed a ball into the stands while running sprints in the outfield. I mention this only because he tossed it to a young man wearing a Red Sox hat and shirt (ME!!!). This was very exciting, but the second game was better! I figured out the location of the Red Sox dugout, went to the game very early, and was awarded with a Nomar autograph! What a great time for my first big leauge ballgames. By the way the Red Sox split the games with the Braves which may have been a good thing since I was on the trip with several Braves fans.

In 2000 I made my first spring training in Ft Myer's Fl (Once again see pics on site) for two Sox games. One at City of Palms Park (Red Sox home) and one at Charlotte County Stadium (Rangers home). This trip netted me autographs of several Red Sox including Offerman, Daubach, Varitek, Ramon Martinez and Jimy Williams. Great time seeing lots of other Sox fans and enjoying the spring in Fl.

Had so much fun I went back to Spring Training in 2001 and watched 4 Red Sox games playing the Twins, Rangers and Expos. Got to see Pedro pitch for the first time in person. Saw Manny Ramirez's first homerun as a Red Sox. Also David Cone and Hideo Nomo pitching in Red Sox uniforms, and I saw some guy named Alex playing SS for the Rangers.

The problem with my trips to watch the Red Sox play is I have yet to see Nomar, my favorite Red Sox player, play. The trips he has been out with hamstring or wrist problems. But then again, there's always next time!!!

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