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Are You A Fan?

I have dedicated this page to the fans of the Red Sox and Nomar Garciaparra. If you would like to have a picture or story posted on this page please email me at

This story was sent to me on 5/20/03

Over the weekend ,5/17/03 my family and I went to Boston and my parents one these Sox tickets so my dad and my 2 sisters and I went to Fenway park and we had a great time but it would have been a lot better if the Sox won. I was born in Maine so it is a family tradition to be a Sox fan. We went to see the Sox in 2001 or 2002 I can't remember and it was a great game. They Won!!!!!!!!!! For Christmas my dad got the CD and record of the Impossible Dream and we know the song about Carl Yazstrempski by heart. I started playing my self when I was about six or seven. My dad has almost always been the Coach. As a dedicated fan I have a couple Nomar posters and Manny and Pedro and I think my dad and I have never missed a game we either see it on TV or we listen to it on the radio. It is kind of what my family does. I love it.

So when I was at my school it was the time for the bookfair and I was determined to add to my collection of Red Sox stuff so when I was looking through the posters I found this Nomar poster and I totally SPAZZED! As usual I had to by the poster and I did.

Everyone in my family thinks I became a big baseball fan and especially a Sox fan is because when I was little my dad was watching the Sox game and I was in his lap and the someone hits a home run I think and I was only about two and my dad screams so loud I jump up so high.
Julia Kathryn Eyman

This story was sent to me on 5/9/2003

Alright, all of you know that I am a Red Sox fan and naturally can't stand the New York Stankees and as most of you know; Derek Jeter is in Trenton this week playing with the Trenton Thunder. Well anyway; Frankie, Dana, Melissa and I are eating at Parkside Diner in Ewing NJ tonight and Jeter walks in with what looked like a friend and a body guard.

As usual some kids walk up to his table and ask him to sign a few things, which he did. We finish up eating and I run home real quick to pick up a couple things for him to sign. I grabbed a marker, a bat and one of the greatest t-shirts I have ever seen. An authentic "Yankees Suck" t-shirt which I bought from some drunk Mick on Lansdowne Street outside of Fenway Park (yes, I'm Irish too). It's a Boston classic! So, I fold the shirt up nice and neat without showing the writing on front and leave it in the car.

I come back to the Diner, and a small crowd gathered inside and outside. Frankie, being the jackass that he is; tells the waitress that he wants to pick up Jeter's bill. Like this guy doesn't have more money than god and he needs this 23 year old jerk paying his $22.00 food bill? Who are you Frankie, Joe Millionaire now? Oh well, your the fool! haha. Oh, and unfortunately, yes he's a Yankee fan.

The four of us get up to leave and Jeter stands up, shakes our hands and thanks dill-hole for picking up his bill. I tell Jeter that I have a couple things in the car and asked if he would sign them on his way out. I gave Melissa the bat to get signed since she is prettier than me, hahaha and had a better shot at getting it signed. He signed the bat with no problem, then grabbed the shirt (still folded up) and signed it before going on to the others who were standing there. As I'm standing there, I open up the shirt for everyone to read: YANKEES SUCK! with Derek's signature. There was a few pissed off Yankees fans, but the laughs from the other's was well worth it. haha !

So, a normal Thursday night ended with us meeting a future Hall of Famer (yeah, he's good but not better than Garciaparra) and having him sign a bat and a priceless t-shirt. Well, thats my story ... hope you liked it. I gotta run now and frame this bad boy. haha
Paul Andreas Staff Writer for Yankees Suck :P

This story was sent to me on 5/7/2002

during febuary vacation, my family and i went down to florida to visit my aunt and uncle. well i was determined to get to City of Palms Park(spring training)! so we were crossing over to the other side of florida and i was begging my parents to take us to the field! finally they gave in and said yes! i was so excited! my parents told me not to get my hopes up but it was too late for that! i was determined i would get his autograph! we didnt even know if we were able to get in! we had no clue what to expect! we get there and there was a humonrus line!!! we wondered what it was for! so we got out of the car and a man and his wife had red sox paraphanelia everywher! i knew they were my fellow fans! they explained to us that they went down every year and some of the players autographs they had gotten the year before! i knew somehow someway i would get it! so ! then we found out that you had to take a bus(no cost) to the practice fields. so we waited and waited and waited until the bus finally came! it was packed with people, young and old, talking of their favorite players! so finally we arrived at the field! there was a MOB OF PEOLPE, RUSHING ABOUT , watching the players practice! so we took our time, my family watching, me trying to hunt down nomar! we saw louie tiant and got his autograph! he was the nicest man! then we went to another field where a bunch of guys were having batting practice!then-------i saw him! i totally spazzed out!i ran up and waited for him to come out of practice.he walked past me ! then came back and walked past me again! now i was even more convinced i would get it! so i was chasing him all over the park and every time he walked past me! so at the end of all pratices i was determined that i realy truely would get it! i was running all around in the heat with no lunch and was starting t! o get dehydrated! my dad knew how much i wanted to get this so he was helping me by pushing me into the crowd! then my brother came over to me and handed me his ball. i asked him"what is this for?" "here have it" he said. "why?"i said "because i got nomar's autograph!" he said. "oh my god thank you" i said! i was so shocked that he gave me his ball. but i really did feel bad because he had about 5 autographs and all i had was louie tiant because i was trying to get it so bad! please post this story! Ashley

This story was sent to me on 7/8/01

two summers ago i was in toronto, and it just so happened that the redsoxx were too! so me and my family got tickets to the game that night, they were really good seats, 14 th row, 1st base line, anyway, during batting practice, me my brother, sister and cousin watched, and finally, Nomar came over. he came right up to me, asked if i had a pen, and signed my program, ticket, and tee-shirt...... HE HELD MY ARM!! then later that night we caught a foul ball!! They won too! heh, anyway, that game made me a relentless Nomar fan, i pray for a speedy recovery every night!
Bridget Therese Carmel

This story was sent to me on 3/17/01

I have played baseball since I was about 5 years old and have always been a huge Cal Ripken fan. I still love Cal to this very day and will always remember what a great ballplayer he was and also what a great person he was. I just recently became a huge Nomar and Red sox fan when the recent issue of Sports Illustrated came out. It showed the work ethic of Nomar and how he truly treats it as his job and works to get better. In several ways he reminds me of Ripken and I am glad that I now have someone as an idol to carry on Ripkens image. I am a senior in high school playing for a state condtending team. I am so moved by Nomars work ethic that I have actually began lifting again and swinging a bat whenever I find time. When I am on the playing field I even envision that I am seeing the game through Nomar's eyes and it gives me a tremendous amount of confidence.......In our game last night I went 2-4 with a grand slam, a double, 7 RBI's and 3 assists at shortstop. Nomar has really enhanced my love for the game and has even brought back my dream of playing professionally. I love the Sox and hope they have an awesome season.....I also hope nomar reaches the "Hitter's Holy Grail: 400"!!
Nomar/Sox fan,
Ryan Lauer(Greeley, CO)


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