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A Look at My Personal Red Sox Memorabilia and Nomar Collectibles

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I have been watching and pulling for the Red Sox since 1986. I was living in Maine at the time and watched the World Series. It was the first time I had took the time to watch baseball after having spent several childhood years playing it. After that I was hooked, what a year to start pulling for them, huh? I now live in North Carolina and have a bit of a tough time finding any good Red Sox memorabilia here (or any Red Sox fans), so any input or help finding items is greatly appreciated. For about the last year, I have used the Internet as a means of collecting and so far so good. Please feel free to write and let me know your questions or opinions of my website or any Red Sox/baseball related items. Thanks, John
Rare Serial Numbered Cards Including #1's, Player's Jersey #'s and More

As Rare as They Get: 1 of 1's

Game Used Memorabilia Cards

Red Sox Rookie Cards

Autographs: From Card Packs and Obtained Personally

Starting Lineups and Bammers

Other Stuff

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