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Welcome to The Boonville Jaycees' Home Page

Our address is: P.O. Box 551, Boonville, N.C. 27011.
Membership is open to anyone between the age of 21 - 39.

Our meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month at the Jaycees Hut on 601 South in Boonville.

The second monthly meeting is usually an "activity" meeting and may include such worthy community endeavors as planting trees for town beautification or washing cars to raise money for community causes. The Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Yadkin Christian Ministries are two organizations they support; they also help with individual needs such as "adopting" a child for Christmas.

Visitors are encouraged to attend - and are always subject to surprises such as homemade ice cream, slide shows (no family vacation pictures included, we promise!) or homemade apple cider. Visitors and members are always subjected to fun, fellowship and worthwhile causes.
For more information e-mail Joel at or write for more details.

Please come back and visit again!