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Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt Memorial

Dale Earnhardt Memorial

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Richard Childress says...
"I knew I wanted him to drive my car the first time I
saw him drive somebody
else's," Earnhardt's car owner
and long-time friend Richard Childress says. "His
desire and sheer determination to be the best at what he does is amazing. I've
always thought he was the best, even when I raced against him."
Desire. That's the common denominator.
"There's Earnhardt and then there's everybody
else," says Bud Moore, for
whom Earnhardt drove in 1982 and
'83 and who has fielded cars at one time or
another for 12 different drivers
who received votes in the
survey. "The biggest thing
about Earnhardt is his desire.
When he slides down in that race car, he is going
to go to the front if
it's at all possible. He'll find a way to get there.
"He's looking up ahead all the time,
figuring out his next move. When he goes
into a turn, he knows what he's going to do
when he gets there. He's going to go
high or he's going to
go low, but he knows. He doesn't get
there and then say,
`What do I do now?' Talent is talent,
then or now. And he's got the talent."
"The Intimidator" says he was born
to race. And he wouldn't have it any other
"I just want to win," Earnhardt says.
That's the way he does most things, to
the point. Shortest distance between two
points is a straight line. Straight driving.
Straight talk.
"Shoot, in the beginning, you just wanted to race,"
he says. "That's what you
wanted to do, and you wanted it so bad
that was all you worked for. You didn't
think about what you're going to
accomplish or what you could accomplish, you
just wanted to race.
"You go to the race and you
see other guys race, the Pettys and Pearsons
and Allisons and Yarboroughs, and
then you get the opportunity to be in the
same race with them one day
and that's just astounding to you. That's the way it
was with me."
It's hard to imagine Earnhardt astounded by
anything. But his voice lowers and
raises, first with admiration of other drivers,
and then with pride for his own
accomplishments -- including being called the greatest
by a group of his peers.
"A racer wants to race and win," he
says. "Imagining having the opportunity to
do that for a living, and then
to be successful, and then to be considered one of
the greatest drivers that ever raced
- especially by a group of peers - is one of the
greatest honors a driver could ever receive."
And Earnhardt is a driver who has a trophy case
full of honors.
He won his first NASCAR Winston Cup race in just
his 16th start, at Bristol,
Tenn. Fourteen years later, a street he used to get
in trouble for drag racing down
was renamed Dale Earnhardt Boulevard.
"I want to do the best I can every race,"
Earnhardt says. "I don't like it when I
don't. When I sit down in that race car, that's it.
There's nothing else on my mind.
There are a bunch of guys heading for the finish line
and I want to get there first. I
want to win."
He's won more races (28) at Daytona International
Speedway than any other driver,
in three different divisions.
He's won more than $28 million - more than any
other driver. Of the
18 race tracks on the 1996
NASCAR Winston Cup schedule,
Earnhardt has won at least one race at 16 of them -
missing only Loudon, N.H.,
and Watkins Glen (where he owns three
career poles and the track qualifying
record). In the 18 years since he hit the circuit
full time, he has won at least one
race in 17 of those years.
"I still want to win, I still have that desire,"
Earnhardt says, using the word
more as an attitude than a description.
"That's the
thing that keeps me going. I've
had a great career. If it ended tomorrow,
I'd have no regrets."
Does Earnhardt see his "great career" coming to an
end anytime soon?
"Not even close," Earnhardt says with a grin. That
grin that has become
recognizable world-wide,
along with a scowl when
necessary. Along with the respect that comes with being
considered, at least by some,
the greatest driver of all time.
So whether it's in the eyes or in the mind or it's
inborn. It's there.
Oh boy, is it there.
"The will to want to win hasn't diminished," says
Earnhardt. "There's one thing
on my mind when a race starts:
How am I going to get to the front?"

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The one and only DALE EARNHARDT....The greatest driver ever in Nascar.There will never be another.

Did you know his first car was PINK?

I think it was pretty cool!!!!

Hometown Hero 'Dale Earnhardt Day' October 5, 1993 in Kannapolis,NC

Lappin' the track at Charlotte Motor Speedway
An old Wrangler hat from the good old days

He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

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