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The WIKE Family Tree

Wike ancestors are originally from Germany. The majority entered through the Port of Philadelphia and settled in Lancaster and Berks Counties known today as the Pennnsylvannia Dutch country.

The Jacob M. Weik Family

Tradition has it that Jacob M. Weik's father was named John Weik(Wike), but little about him is known. Jacob M. Weik married Susannah Moir(possibly Myers) on May 5, 1783 in North Carolina. He died on the family plantation near Newton, N.C. and is buried at the old St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetary in Catawba County. He farmed a large amount of land and owned several slaves.

His Children

Catherine, Elizabeth, John, Jacob M. Weik Jr.(1791 Rowan Co. Oct.23, 1856 married Elizabeth Cline), Susannah, Polly, Sally, Phebe, David.

Jacob M. Wike Jr

Jacob M. Weik Jr. married Elizabeth Cline and owned land in Lincoln County. He later sold the land and move to Iredell County(now Alexander County). He is buried at Salem Lutheran Church in Taylorsville, N.C.

His Children

Ambrose C. Wike married Mary Stacy Mira, Anna, Eli L. Wike married Mary E. Polly Baker, Elkanah, Pinkney, Franklin, Two others whose names are unknown.

Eli L. Wike

Eli L. Wike(Sept. 26, 1826-Apr. 20, 1908) married Mary E. (Polly) Baker(May 18, 1831-Nov. 23, 1905). He is buried at Salem Lutheran Church and she is buried at Pleasant Hill Babtist Church in Taylorsville, N.C.


Jonas C. Wike, Isabella, Elizabeth Jane, Ellen, John F., Dorcas, Rebecca.

Jonas C. Wike

Jonas C. Wike(July 7, 1853-Jan. 24,1921) married Matilda Adeline King(Nov. 1, 1854-May 22, 1919) on Sept. 12, 1875. Both are buried at Salem Lutheran Church in Taylorsville.


Naoma(Omey)married Newton Daniels, Mattie (died at an early age), Essie Caroline married Robert G. Clanton, Vermon Calloway married Lola Kerley, Virgil married Nannie Munday, Charles Poly Wike married Lois Kerley(Lola's Sister), Wilson Eli married Ervie Ellen Barnette.

Matilda Adeline King's parents were Peter King and Cardine Baker.

Charles Poly Wike


Henry C. Wike married Edna Childers, Lottie Wike married Odel Bentley, Lona Belle Bishop married Ralph Milton Bishop, Atlee Floyd Wike married Rachel Walker, Burpee Loyd Wike married Mildred Herman, Jasper Wike married Arletta St. Clair, Curlee Wike married Nellie Davidson, Kenneth Virgil Wike married Irene Richards, Arlene Wike married Ed Huggins divorced and married Bob Fitzgerald divorced and married Pete Mason.