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02-18-00 The page, once again, is completely revamped. I have taken down a few sections which will be replaced with new ones in the near future and the page has been updated with new graphics. Until I complete the reconstruction, enjoy.


We are flesh colored animals
Programmed to love and die
In this pornocopia we call a world
I managed to find you
Managed to have you
And now that I'm losing you
I will trap you in my mind
Can't stop to breathe for screaming
Can't stop to scream for dying
You can't stop to live when dying
I can not make you mine
I can't get to you
To chain you to my wall
And hope.


I want to see you
Want to be you
I want everything you've got

I want to be heard
Want to be seen
I want to be everything I'm not

I want to be you
I want to be you
I want to be everything you are

You want to be me
You need to be me
You seem to be everything you're not
I'm everything you are.

Untitled #1

I am living in a hallucination
This is not the life I ordered
These are not my shattered hopes
I wish on stars
Too far away to hear me
Too far away to care
I dropped my dreams on the floor
Busting into a million tiny pieces
Their shards cut my hands
As I pick them up
To pray them back together
Yet praying doesn't seem to work
On anything
Waking up from a nightmare
Into the one I'm living in
Only to cry myself back to sleep
The only time there's comfort
Because I'm never too tired
To think
Of you.

Untitled #2

Love what you want to love
Hate what you want to hate
See what you want to see
Be who you want to be
Get everything you want
Take everything you need
Hear what you want to hear
Say what you want to say
Go the way you want to go
Think what you want to think
Live when you want to die
Love who you want to love
Hate what you see
Who you are
What they want you to be

I want to see you
Want to be you
Want to see you with
Nothing on at all
Want to taste you
Want to love you
Want you to love me now
Love me now.


I had no love left to give
If I could hold you forever
You'd be all I need
In my perfect world
In a perfect dream

You are my omega
You are my ending
To a song with no beginning

I will keep you in a box
Keep you drugged up well
I want to share with you
A little piece of Hell

You are my omega
You are my ending
To a life that had no meaning

My life support is down
Your life support is down
Our life support is down
And we've only just begun.


If you look through the gates
You can see their world burning down
It's funny how these animals
Have evolved so far
We'll stand by
And watch them die.

Pain in Pleasure

I've been left out to dry
Left out to die
And rot
By you

I've been fed all your lies
My love has died
Or gone
Away forever

I thought I loved you since the first time I saw you
You're too untouchable to love forever
I thought you loved me when I got to know you
But I'm too much me
And not enough pussy

Honey I will take you down
I will throw you down
Laugh in your face
Love you forever
Pain in pleasure

I've been left out to dry
Left out to die
And burn
In hell
My darling.


All that is left of you are shards of memories
Cutting into my brain
Allowing my sanity to leak out,
Suffocating me in its hallucinations.

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