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"I just wanna love him forever....I need to dump that crack head from that boy band" --Jessica Simpson

Hello there! You have somehow stumbled upon my web page....thanks! I first want to say thank you for taking the time and checking it out. What you will find here is a combination of several things, including information on my favorite celebrities, stories about relationships or my childhood, links to some good sites (warning: some are random), and last but not least my guestbook. Please sign my guestbook with any comments you have, or email me by clicking the mailbox. I am no way near done with this page! I have several more ideas to add to the page, including more celebrity bios, tributes to the Atlanta Braves, an InterVarsity Christian info page, and yes, the conclusion to the Lugoff story. I am close to being done with that but before I put the stories on, they need to be edited. I now have a computer in my room!! It will be a lot easier for me to edit this page now. Enjoy the stories already on the page! Come by again for more later!

So far on my site you will find:

What you get when you have a mixture of stupidity and strength

Dogs are finally showing signs of intellegence

What the heck is on this page? ...well its not premium select roast beef and havarti cheese

NEW!!! Only here, at my site, can you find the special return performance by Alvin from the Chipmunks. Hear him sing some of these popular songs:
Look for more to come later!

The epitome of randomness

My Favorite (and some I was required to put on there) Links
A Dedication To Some of My Favorite Celebrities
A Dedication to my hometown of Lugoff, SC (Part 1)
UPDATE!! The second part of the Lugoff story is nearly complete. It must go through the editing stages before I put it on the page, but it should be completed soon.
The Almost Perfect Relationship

The scary reason cloning humans should not happen

Four cheaters playing Rook

.....I am just speechless

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Thank you for visiting my homepage, but i am sure you have why dont you drop me an email :) Just click on the computers

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