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in Southeastern North Carolina

May 20, 2000

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"All Poles Point to North Carolina"
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Welcome to my Surf Fishing in Southeastern North Carolina website. This is your source for everything you would need to fish in our surf. I've been baiting my hook for over thirty-five years. If I haven't caught it....then you can be well assured I've lost it! I have fished every hole here in southeastern North Carolina, aka SENCland.
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These next pages will give you a little info about myself, along with the equipment I use to fish my home waters. I also talk about the of fish native to this area, and about a personal favorite, structure fishing. I have included some photos of past catches, and a page devoted to the awards my web site has won. I call it my "Treasure Chest". And if you like cyber fishing like I do, be sure to check out some really good links of my fellow anglers. While you're taking a look at my fellow anglers' links, stop by THE CATCH OF THE DAY...these folks have won the SURFISHING IN NORTH CAROLINA EYE-CANDY AWARD.....mighty fine sites! get the ultimate in fishing supples. WARNING!!!....only for us pros!

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On each page, I have included a weatherbar for different fishing holes along the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts. You never know when you might want to try out our surf. The bar will show you the current temperature and time for that area. For a more detailed forecast, just take a click. Hope you enjoy, and before you go, be sure to check out my guestbook. I'd really like to hear from you, so be sure to stop by Drop Me A Line. If you have ICQ, I have online indicators with my number at the top of each page.......and for those of you who don't have ICQ, you can send a message to me (via ICQ) using the ICQ panel below. I hope you enjoy my web site, and always....KEEP THOSE LINES TIGHT !!

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"Percy" you want to swap some ‘fish tales’ ?? about that big one that got away ??........if so, click on PERCY, the talking fish, and he will take you to "JETTY JUMPER'S NC SURFISHING CLUB" Yahoo club for just us fishermen....................SEE YA THERE !!!!!!!

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