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The StephenzPage Family

Welcome to Stephen'z Page!  This is the first StephenzPage ever created.  I started it sometime in 1999 when I enjoyed my first in-home internet connection.  I made it because I could.  I first used  MSWord to create an HTML document, then I progressed to Netscape's program for editing HTML, then eventually to MS FrontPage 98.

Other Pages were created including "Stephen'z World" in my allocated web space at NCSU, and then from my ISP, of Roxboro.

My attempt is to look back in time and see what I had here on "Stephen'z Page" and to see if I can bring back the good ol' days.  The days when I would send girls from ICQ to my page to see what it was I looked like.  The days when I lived and breathed ones and zeroes at a rate of up to 36 kbps.

It's coming.  Get ready!