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Poetry Page

The Gamblin' Man
by *sTaR*

I met the gambler today,
He sure is a gamblin' man
Always takin chances
All that he can
But this gamblin man, took a chance and told me right..
My journey will never end
I will ride 'till dawns early light
and on into the night..
but in spite of what they say
I start a new day, knowin that I can..
because I met with the gamblin' man..
He took a chance and told me right..
All that I can do it will be done

My Friend.
By *sTaR*

This is how it seems to me,
there was a time, when good friends were only words to me..
This I could not see
goin' through the motions
not knowin' what they mean

but when I met you that all changed..
a feeling of joy, compassion and a mix of other emotions wash over me
For you've been the one to take my hand
and show me it is ok to be me.

You Look past the fact I have my chair,
it's a common bond we share..
That of friends
Who care..
In conclusion I wanna say..
Thanks for being there.

Wishes By *sTaR*

I sit here and I wonder
how a love like this could be so strong
when I know many times before I have been wrong
but this time I know it's right

I look into the darkness
and see a falling star
ever so bright
I make a wish.. and watch if fall

Your name the wind seems to call
as if to tell me
one day my wish will come true
but untill that day
I will forever be in love with you

This next poem is by a very close friend of mine, Thomas. May I say it's a
great piece!
奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中 The Gambler

From the moment I saw you I knew it was love,
even though I'd never felt this way before.
You walked out of the sun, and straight into my life.
I knew right then I'd want you for my wife.

Why did I have to fall in love, with you?
Why am I still faling down? way down.
I cannot relive the joy, nor forget all the pain.
This is the price I pay because I dared to love.

Love is a is a game.
It will play with your heart,
and you'll never be the same.

I'm all alone now. I miss you so much.
I would trade in my soul for just one more touch,
I would burn in Hell for all eternity,
if for one more moment you would be with me.

But you don't even care, you just kept right going.
I am left to myself, all my emotions flowing.
So this is the price you pay?
when you gamble with love and lose?

Well now I now that for me,
when it comes to love.
I'm dead broke...

...and I don't want to play anymore.

-Thomas Palsy 奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中奶中