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About Me

Ok here's a bit about me, first thing I'd like to say is that, I have CP but it DOESNT have me.. I enjoy music, as a matter of fact some say it's my life :) I love all kinds of music, from R&B to Country, yes Tim I said country.. ;) Anyhoo moving right along, I also like horseback riding, and writing. On my "my thoughts" page you can see some of my writing, and some of my friends' pieces as well. There's more interesting facts about me below. If you wanna tell me what you think of them, you can send mail by clicking the e-mail link below..

* Full name: Sarah A. __________________________

* Nicknames: Star, Storm, Sar, Sari,Dudette,Person, Among many others

* DOB: i'm a snow Angel *December*

* Birthplace: Michigan

* Hometown: Duh, if I must tell ya then you've blinked and missed my town. Oopsie! * u all that live here no what I mean!*

* Parents: Duh, I have some of those things! now lemme see.. where'd I put em.. ahh here we go ;) Their names are, Mommy and Daddy. ;)

* Siblings: I have some of those too! Two to be exact.

Favorite movies: Willy Wonka, *yes I wanna live like those orange dude's and live in a land of chocolate! * All the land before time movies. * Yep yep yep!* and. the movie, My left foot.. *if you havent seen it, you wouldnt know, but its insperational! *

* Favorite Soda: Surge, Jolt, anything containing LARGE ammounts of Caffeine! (haha Todd ;)

* School: I'm homeschooled, for now..

* Future job: Communications/ or counciling.

* Boyfriend/Girlfriend: my heart belongs to Todd I love you!

* Best Friends: Ry *thanks for being you, and caring so much, Luv ya man!* CZ, *my lil sis 4eva* Chris *Thanx for being you, Ducky Luvs ya!!.: Sarah F. *We've been friends since pre-school girlie, LULAS!* Richie *Thanx 4 bein you, and keepin me company all the time* Lisa,Kel,Melis,CJ.. LULAS!* Care, LULAS ur like a big sis to me girl!*Randy*Always..*,Alex.. *Thanx for makin me laugh, and bein there 4 me* Mikey, *my dude with the pudding* Sanks man! * Dan, Thanx fer bein u!* Matt, Sanks, for listenin to me, ramble.. *this is a good example!* Neetch, *inside joke..* LULAS! AJ, *Sanks for bein you, and standin by me, 24/7, Love ya!*Bradley, you're you, neva change!* A special shoutout 2 Teddy, and Rachel.. y'all rawk! And last but not least.. My bestest friend, Confidont, among other things, Todd M. I <3 you Always! U mean the world to me..... :)

* Person you want to be like: I wanna be like, me... noone else but me..

* Hobbies: Writing, filling people full of sensless, useless info, workin on my webpage, shining, bein me.. sketching, admiring my kuz *NOT Like that, he's a comic artist*

* Recent job: Chasing my baby cousin around the house, is a lot of work, for no pay!

* Do you have a personal phone line? Does the fax line count? ;)

* Any tattoos and where and what?: no, but planning to get a sundial on my ankle. *useless, but cool fact*

* What do you think of chain letters?: I hate em!

* Best Advice: "You cant put your money down an' just roll the dice, think you're gonna win it all some night, no love it aint like that, love it aint like that, you cant build it by design it takes its own sweet time"~Faith Hill

* Words and phrases u over use: "Yikes!" "Holy fruit!" "uhh.. yeah" "I'm not mental, just gifted!" "Harley Davidson: if I have to explain ya wouldnt understand" "you have probs deary" and last but not least: "you're always goofy Ry"

* Non-sport activity u enjoy: Writing

* Dream car: a black vette, white leather seats.. as if I'll ever own one!

* Where do you shop? Stores!

* Favorite thing to wear: YIKES!! you wanna know?? Y!?!!?!!?!?

* Favorite color: Black,Silver, and Carolina Blue

* Favorite Song/Group: "Commitment" ~ Leann Rimes. "Fancy"~ Reba, "The Joker"~ Steve Miller Band~ -n- LOTS of otherz!

* Favorite thing to do in the night: Think, Dream, and Write, and other stufferz