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(You know you love Hawkbrothers too much when)
  1. You have arguments over who is better, Vanyel or Chichiri.
  2. With yourself.
  3. You want a Gryphon
  4. You go feather collecting at the local duck pond , and then you make the feathers into jewelry.
  5. And braid them into your hair.
  6. You have several large, unflawed, semi-precious gemstones in your closet.
  7. Along with 6 or 8 elaborate outfits with ornate beadwork!
  8. You have a pillar in the middle of your room with a stone on top.
  9. During storms, you sit in front of it and "shield" it.
  10. You volunteer at a raptor house and attempt to get the birds to mindspeak with you.
  11. You build a tree house and cover it with vines.
  12. Your tree house is an ekele, your Jacuzzi is a hot spring, and the translucent curtains covering all your walls are a Veil.
  13. You call your little brother Meeren and make him perform menial services for you.
  14. You dye your hair white and get ice blue contacts.
  15. You speak fluent Tayledras: You, "Fhi’zhi, Señora!" Teacher: "What the Hell…?"
  16. You develop a sudden fear of Greyhounds.
  17. You dress as a Hawkbrother for costume parties.
  18. And Halloween.
  19. You work on your ability to shield.
  20. You make a website totally devoted to them.
  21. You sketch what you want the Vale to look like (submitted by Meagan Sears)
  22. You devour every book they are even remotely mentioned in, then give the book to all your friends to read so you have somebody to argue and contemplate with. (submitted by Fablespinner)
  23. you decide to plague your friends with email saying that Vanyel is Hot!^^ (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  24. you start writing poems about them (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  25. you spend every hour of your day reading books about them or surfing the Net and carefully reading every site for more info. (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  26. you constantly go to school with feathers braided in your hair (Okay, I actually do that one. I have 2 hair thongs and a chain with crystals on it...submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  27. you reread a Vanyel book about 11 times  (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  28. you think the Heralds of Valdemar books are like good luck charms and bring them along when you take a hard test (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  29. you try to "master" the Gifts and become a Healing- Adept (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  30. you write a journal devoted to Vanyel or the Tayledras (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  31. you start collecting feathered masks (submitted by Moonflight k' Treva)
  32. You realize you can't be a Healer-Adept, and dye your hair in butterfly wing patterns so you blend in with the shrubs in your front yard. (submitted by StarWinde)
Have an addition? Enter it below and submit it to the list! The list should be updated every week or so, so watch out for new submissions! 

You know you love Hawkbrothers too much when: 

P.S. Please do not submit things more than once unless it's been 2 weeks and it still hasn't been posted.