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The Black Gryphon The White Gryphon The Silver Gryphon Magic's Pawn Magic's Promise Magic's Price Brightly Burning The Oathbound Oathbreakers Oathblood Arrows of the Queen Arrow's Flight Arrow's Fall By The Sword Winds of Fate Winds of Change Winds of Fury Storm Warning Storm Rising Storm Breaking Owlflight Owlsight Owlknight This timeline provides links to descriptions/summaries/reviews of the plots of each book; just click on the title. For now they link to Amazon or Firebird's descriptions, but soon I'll have my own typed up! ^_^ Yes, that means they will be spoilers if you haven't read the books, but I will put spoiler space in for major plot twisters. In other words, I'll have a non-spoiler description and a spoiler description.