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Rules of the HHML

These are in no particular order as of yet, so please bear with me:

It will be a general assumption that everyone has read the Arrows, Winds, and Storms trilogies. If you're including info from other books which is a plot spoiler, please include a spoiler space of about 20 lines and tell us what novel the spoiler occurs in. This will help cut down on people finding out what happens before they want to.

PLEASE delete all the forwarding stuff on your messages…include only the relevant info from the message you're replying to or making references from.

Any other Misty books are OK for topics, too, but please include the spoiler space. In fact, you can talk about pretty much anything Misty-related. If the list starts to get really crowded, we might have to cut it down, but I don't think we're in much danger of that at the moment.

Questions such as "who is everyone's favorite character?" or "where does everyone live?" should be kept to a minimum. They're OK for now, though.

If you want to unsubscribe, PLEASE do not e-mail the entire ML. Instead, e-mail me ( and I will take you off. Also, if you have suddenly stopped receiving mail from the list, e-mail me and I'll see if I can figure out why. I repeat, do NOT mail the entire list!

Posting links…
It's OK to post the LINK to a page or an image (BTW, some servers, such as Crosswinds or Tripod, do not allow direct linking to images. Instead, try posting the link to the page it's on, or uploading the picture to your site if you have one), but please don't send the entire page. That can increase the size of the message, and for some people who have hotmail or certain other servers, their older messages will be deleted to make room for the new ones. So just post the URL, okay?

A copy of these rules will be mailed to everyone periodically (probably everytime it's updated, unless we start to get a steady stream of new members) as it is updated.


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