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Last Updated: 12/25/00


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  • Heartstones
  • Ley Lines & Nodes
  • Other Planes
  • Mages
  • Pelagirs
  • Spells


  • Vanyel
  • Firesong
  • Darkwind
  • Starwind
  • Moondance
  • Snowfire
  • Savil
  • Falconsbane
  • Urtho
  • Ma'ar
Other Species


"Great destinies generally involve great funerals."
~Vanyel Ashkevron

Heyla wingsibs. Welcome to Hawkbrothers' Haven, an on-line Vale where we Tayledras Fans can get together.
Queen's Own new site (they moved). Opens in new window.
1999 Josephine Wall
Okay, I think I'm going to need some help digging up all this info...It's a big project, and I've only got so much time. I'm currently working on the bondbird page, and the relationships page is pending. If I could get some help, it's be much appreciated, so if you're willing to contribute or just help me organize, speak up and I'll be able to sleep! Oh, I put up a new CG on my ekele page: check it out!
Allow me to introduce my character; Songjewel k'Treva, a Healer-Adept-in-training. That means she's only at Adept status, but she has HA potential. If you've been to my ekele (NOT the same as Nuri-chan's), then you've already met her best friend, Meadowstorm; she's a scout. One more teensy detail: her bondbird is a back-talking Goshawk named Akeera.

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Hawkbrothers' Haven


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