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Welcome to my Tayledras Webpage. If you like Misty's writing, then you've come to the right place. The Tayledras are a people charged by their Goddess, the Star-Eyed, with "taming wild magic." I do have a character in various stages of submission to Queen's Own. If you'd like to read about her, please e-mail me ( and I'll send it to you.

Now, this is pretty random, but here's a gif I absolutely love! The pic opens in a new window, so you can still browse here. It's animated, but it's worth the wait: Feminist!

Oooh, ooh...this is new! It's the Hawkbrothers Haven Discussion list...where fans can talk about Misty's works through e-mail! Please join!

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Queen's Own, the new site. After they moved, it took me a while to find them again. I did, thanks to the Mercedes Lackey ML.
Mercedes Lackey ML, a mailing list of fans that you can join, too.
The top ten You Can Tell You Read Too Much Mercedes Lackey When...
Firebird Arts for Misty's music, cover art, and other "book propaganda"
Firesong's Vale, a neat place with lots of other Misty links.

If anyone has any suggestions of what else I could put on my page, then by the Star-Eyed, E-MAIL ME!!!!!

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