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I'm glad you've managed to stumble upon my webpage. These areas have been arranged so you can easily find the topics you are interested in, and so you can quickly navigate between pages. Here are the descriptions of my page's topics:

My Life contains information about me, what kind of things I like to do, and stories about my personal experiences.

My Imagination contains all sorts of things. It has the "BoB Anthology", a collection of stories about your not-so-average 68-year-old bus driver. It has information about other things I've written, like a novel I'm working on called "Base 69". It will also have anything else that piques my interest, like my hobbies and science fiction and movies, etc.

Freedom is my view of government, politics, and other issues.

Computers has everything to do with computers. Links to computer-related sites, computer game information, and, since I'm learning how to program, possibly some things I have made.