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Interview with Ira Glasner (Buster the Bully)

Ira Glasner played the role of "Buster the Bully" in the episode "Bully for Mr. Conductor" (Season 3, Episode 3).

How did you get the role of "Buster the Bully"?
I went to an audition, (it was actually a third call back for everyone else, but for some reason I was asked to come then), I walked in, met with the producer, Rick, and I was notified later that week that I was in.

When did you start acting and how old are you now?
I started acting when I was 8 years old, I'm 17 now.

What are the projects you're working on now?
Currently I don't do much in the acting bizz. Every now and then I do small parts in movies, however I've slowed things down quite a bit, as school is getting quite hectic, however I am in a play, which will be out in April 1999.

Normally, do you like to play the role of a tough person or a nice person?
I like to play all sorts of different characters, however I often got cast as tough people when I was younger, because I was big for my age.

Where was that episode filmed and how long did it take to film it?
Shining Time Station was shot in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It took one day for rehearsal, and one day for shooting, which is *very* short for a show to shoot, most take around a week. The Episode was shot, in I think, either '92 or '93.

Was George Carlin present in the studio or was he filmed separately in another location?
George Carlin was shot at a different time of the year alltogether, he would come in January, when we were wrapped. I did get the chance to meet him, however last minute I could not make it :)

Whose your favorite character in Shining Time?
Definately Schemer, and Brian O'Connor, who played Schemer was a very proffessional and talented actor.

Was it fun to act with Ari (Dan) and Danielle (Becky)
Yeah, Ari Magder and Danielle Marcot were great, but don't forget Erica Lutrell. They were all very nice, and I went to tutor with them, as being set brats, they had to go to school on set, which was right near my dressing room.

Was your headlock on Dan real or fake? (joke!)
Heh, my headlock on Dan was real, however I didn't do it very hard. When he came up from it, it was good, because his face was always all red, from having the blood rush to his head, due to the fact it was down, so the effect made it look even better :)

What other actors do you admire?
I admire Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Rupert Everet, Julia Roberts, Marlon Brando, Ed Norton, among many others. Anyone who has been able to make me feel what they are feeling, or make me see them as a real person, not just a hollow image.

Do you consider acting as a hobby or a career?
There was a time when I considered it a career, however I'm not sure these days, perhaps.

Do you like Thomas the tank engine?
Of course! Who doesn't?