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Shining Time Station

Season 1
Seasons 2 & 3

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Facts about Shining Time Station

Where does the name "Shining Time" come from?
A long time ago, Stacy's grandmother used a lantern to warn a train that there is danger ahead. Thanks to her great idea, she helped prevent a big train accident. The driver of the train was B.J. King, and when he got out of the train, he said: "Thank you very much! I saw your lantern light shining just in time!"

Why does Schemer like to collect nickels?
Schemer is the owner of the arcade and all of his machines (jukebox, picture machine, games...) work when someone insert a nickel. Schemer even puts aside a whole day to polish his nickels!

Are Ringo Starr and George Carlin the same conductor?
In the TV show, Ringo is George's cousin. When Ringo left to go to the North Pole, he called up his cousin George to replace him at the station.

What is Stacy's job as station manager?
She organizes the train schedule, sells tickets, inform the passengers and helps all of her friends.

Who is Felix Perez?
Felix works as a bus driver. He drives people from the train station into town. In his spare time, he writes plays (The Story of Casey Jones) and organizes music concerts (The Moonlight concert). He is also a great dancer.

What does Billy like to do as a hobby?
Billy likes to play the guitar and write songs. In real life, Billy (Tom Jackson) is a singer-songwriter and performs in many concerts.

Can Schemer sing?
He and Schemee once did a rap song and it was really good. (and also very funny!)

What are Schemer's most famous quotes?
Genius Time...
Always remember Schemer's system of success: High Prices and Low Quality!