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What up people this is QUINTILLION. CHECK THE LIVE BOX LINK. IF IT SAYS ONLINE, THEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY HEAR ME SPINNING RECORDS. I live in Charlotte, NC. I graduated from East Mecklenburg Highschool, class of 2000. I attend Central Piedmont Community College. My major is Network Adimistration. I'm just trying to do this DJing thing so I can get my name out there. I DJ for a very reasonable fee. I'll work with you if you work with me. You can see where I'll be DJing next on that link, and you can HEAR samples of my album on the "Power Of The Mix" link. I'm a straight up Mixtape/House Party DJ. I play music to make ya' head nod and Bootyshake. I'm trying to get my music on the streets, in stores. Until then turn off the radio and listen to my music here. download my samples while your here, or just Right Click and hit "open" to play them without downloading.

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Power Of The Mix page
See Where I'll Be DJing Next
Q-Mix Inc. (my mixtape link)
Cresent Fresh(Electronic Hip-Hop)
NC Hip-Hop(i'm on this list)
J-Coleman Beats
Quintillion's Live Box webcast I'M ON NOW !!!
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