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Winner of Honorable Mention at only 6 months old!

*Go to our 2nd page (linked at bottom) to see a picture of our main hen*


We are home breeders located in central New Jersey, about 10 minutes away from Princeton. We raise, show, and breed birds, particularly cockatiels.

If you would like your new bird to be shipped, the shipping fee is approx. $90, and the crate is $20. Go to the 2nd page for

a link to our top hen's photo (also the mother of the bird pictured above and all the split WF babies available for sale).

Just about all of our cockatiels are show or breeding quality. They all have 2.5-3" crests, long-tails, and big bodies. Our birds have won in many "A" level shows, and all were under a year old when they won. After placing well in shows, we pair up our birds and keep them for breeding. As a result, the babies are all ready for the show circuit, and would make excellent showbirds, breeders, or pets.

Discounts for multiple bird purchases are available. If you are considering getting two (or more) birds, let us know!

We will not hold a bird or take deposits. If you are interested in one, let us know. They are first-come, first-serve.


We have lowered all our prices considerably in order to reduce our flock. Due to a late arrival of bands, these cockatiels have not been banded.

~*Cinnamon Pearl Pied- many available, first clutch of a Cinn Pearl Pied pair. Not hand-fed, suitable for breeding. $60 each.

~*Cinnamon Pearl Pied split WF females- handfed, many available, babies from our best pair. $85 each.

~*Cinnamon Pied split WF- handfed, one available, sibling of the above. $85.

~*Princess of Wales pair: Blue x Lutino. Email for more info.

~*Elegant parakeet pair: split Lutino x Lutino. Email for more info

Congratulations to:

A.H.J. and M. H. for purchasing "Petie", an Opaline male budgie

J.S. and A.S., for purchasing "Bobo", an Opaline male budgie

A.S., who also purchased "Larry Byrdie", a Pied Sky Blue budgie

J.R., who purchased "Lightning", a Whiteface Pearl female cockatiel

Maggie, who purchased a Cinnamon Pearl Pied split WF baby and "Zodin", a Cinnamon Pied/WF male!

Ginger, who purchased 2 Cinnamon Pearl Pied split WF females and a Cinnamon Pied split WF baby!

Bee, who purchased a Cinnamon Pied split WF male and a Cinnamon Pearl Pied split WF hen!

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