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Scott's Track and Cross Country Stats

Scott's Track and Cross Country Stats

Welcome to my page. At D.H. Conley High School, I participated in track all four years. For three years I ran cross country starting my sophmore year. I decided to tryout for the track team after running the physical education course requirement mile every six weeks. I had been running the mile for P.E., so I felt that running was my sport of choice. I not only ran for pleasure, but I enjoyed the benefits of being on a team. Running track and Cross Country deals with maintaining endurance and confidence for long periods of time.

Currently, I am a Senior at East Carolina University majoring in Information Processing. Hopefully, I should graduate in the Fall 2002. Right now I am going to summer school at East Carolina. In the Fall 2001, I will be taking a FULL load and also working part-time. I thought it would be interesting to share some of my running stats and acomplishments during my high school years. Hope you enjoy and encourage some of your other friends and relatives to visit my page. Please come back & visit soon!! Please Sign my Guestbook!!

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