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Razor Boardriding Co. is concerned with the condition of today's environment. We do our best to stay on top of the latest information concerning our mountains, oceans and surrounding wildlife. We hope you enjoy the articles below and if you have any info pertaining to an environmental issue or info about the potential loss of a surfbreak or skatepark, feel free to email us anytime by pressing the contact link below. Thank You!

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"The Relocation of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse"

On a recent promo/sales trip to the Outer Banks, mid-atlantic Razor rep Mark Gordon and team rider Brian Carpenter visited the Cape Hatteras lighthouse to check the surf and the condition of an age old  monument. Brian Carpenter @ the lighthouse!

April 29, 1999

Cape Hatteras lighthouse with a canal running up to it!?#&!

They found that preparations were well underway to move the lighthouse inland to help preserve its existence. The sight was somewhat breathtaking. *Note:That's a canal running up to the lighthouse!@#?

Growing up, both Mark & Brian were accustomed to seeing the lighthouse in an undisturbed, solid state. It now looked like an outdoor operating room complete with lighting, tools, equipment and doctors! 

Lighthouse base prepared for relocation.

Dead dolphin found by Frisco pier.

Feeling a bit under the weather about the present condition of the lighthouse, Mark & Brian decided to see if doctor ocean could prescribe some vitamin sea! The first thing they saw when they ran over the dune was a...

A DEAD DOLPHIN!!!$#@?? AAHHKK!!!! The poor dolphin looked like it had been dragged in a net for miles!

Anyway, after making the necessary phone calls to report the dolphin to a ranger, they finally scored a few waves.

Brian letting off a little steam!

On the way home the fellas talked about how they had seen so much dealing directly with their environment on one short trip. They knew the dolphin would be taken care of by the National Park Service. They also figured the project team at the lighthouse had matters well under control considering the circumstances. With all this in mind, Mark & Brian were simply happy  to have surfed Hatteras that day. They continued to drive homeward talking & thinking about the memories they'll always have of where the lighthouse used to be.

Original lighthouse view.

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