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I will always try to spread joy, peace
and encouragement through my words.


Men, Women, Boys and Girls.
Relax Your Mind as you read,
Your spirit I will try to feed,
Let peace overtake you,
And let Father God's love come rushing in,
What matters is where your going,
Not where you have been,
So Let this day be your beginning,
Let's do it all anew,
Because there is nothing but blessings
waiting ahead for you.

written by Wanda M. R. Garrett, copyright © 1996

All writings are spiritually inspired and penned in love.
All poems on this site are original and copyrighted.
And can only be used with the express permission of the Author,
Wanda M. R. Garrett

Fall 1982

Why was I born?
For whom do I live?
What worth am I?
What can I give?
What will I be?
Where will I go?
What must I do?
Tell me if you know.
There is more to life then what I see,
There is much more of myself deep
down inside od me,
Who am I?
Where do I belong?
These words keep turning
like an endless song,
I feel I have so much to give,
But where do I start?
I feel that I'm special,
No one else like me,
But who am I?
I like feeling good
And stangely enough,
I like sometimes the feeling
of being sad,
I am an emotional being,
So many things move me,
Things I do and what I see,
I am touched by the,
tears of a child,
I feel a sense of freedom,
Sometimes I even feel wild,
I am here,
Yet I am there,
I am still also very aware,
I am sensitive,
And touched b how you feel,
I am loved by God,
And I know that feeling is real,
But still,
Who Am I?

This poem is from, "Expressions From Wanda."
A collection of spiritual poems.
Publisbed in 2003; this poem was copyrighted in 1997.
"Why" covers a multitude of feelings from the very young and very old.
We all seek to know who we are
and why we were born in the first place.
What is our purpose. Where are we going
and where did we come from? Are we just here taking up space?
Or does our lives have a purpose?

I don't claim to have all the answers,
but I do know this Father God does!
We are His creation and created for his purpose.
Only He has the directions for where our lives will go.
One thing you must realize is Father God Allah
makes no mistakes and everyone has a reason for existing.

We must learn to communicate with Him and find our purpose.
Prayer is a powerful tool. Prayer is talking to Father God
and then listening for His instructions.
He may send us answers in the form of another person.

Sometimes people are called messengers of God
because they come with answers to our quesions.
Father God will answer us in ways we may not exspect
but one thing is for sure; He always answers prayers.
We must learn to listen too that small still voice that speaks to
the inside of our heart. Just remember when filled with questions
go to Father God in prayer and get your answers.

Be Blessed



The warmth of His Power flows in me,
I no longer feel the cold,
When I meditate I'm strengthened,
to take it and be still,
And as the Lord fights my battle,
His power I continue to feel,
My heart must be consumed with His word,
there is no other way,
Because if the inner man has no power,
you will just speak,
and won't care what you say,
To meditate, you get direction and understanding,
how to walk this walk,
How to pray and receive power,
to have an effective talk.
written by Wanda M. R. Garrett
Copyright © 1995


The steps of your children, Lord, you order,
Only when we have given up all,
No longer is it I that liveth,
but your spirit in me must stand tall,
I say yes to your will, your ways, your wants,
Yes to your desires not mine,
Since you have given me the will,
and the want too,
my desires and yours are in line,
Lord all I want is to please you,
and get closer and closer each day,
Lord all I want is to be used by you,
after you have finished molding me your way,
It's not me, but it's you,
it's not how I want too,
my life's not my own anymore,
I desire to walk,
being led by your thought,
to achieve all that you have in store.
Written by Wanda M. R. Garrett
Copyright © 1995


To God be the glory for all He has done,
He will bless our life eternally,
For He is the Merciful One,
He loves us without measure,
He's there to answer our call,
All He asked is that we believe,
And he promises to pick us up,
when we stumble and fall,
He knows all about us,
He knows what's inside our heart,
So when we pray just be honest,
And God will do His part,
Every hair on our head He knows,
And our motives before we speak,
Only in Father God are we made strong,
But to the world they will think we are weak,
So Lord God, restore us this day,
And make us what you want us to be,
We desire to live by your word for all eternity.

written by Wanda M. R. Garrett
copyright © April 29, 2002


I would like to share a poem,
I wrote for my Mom,
It is simply called, MOMMA


She's short in stature,
And full of grace,
My MOM has an angelic face,
She's always been there,
not saying to much,
But in her eyes, was a caring touch,
She has a smile that would warm the sun,
Yes; My MOM there will be only one,
She has suffered much pain,
But through it all,
She knew God was there, standing tall,
A prayer warrior I found her to be,
When I was wild she was on bended knee,
No doubts in her mind,
God would bring me through,
And on her face,
Her eyes would show,
What her heart already knew,
All grown up, I now understand,
Why she would rule with an iron hand,
To keep safe and teach me more,
She knew what the world had in store,
I fought against her mighty small hand,
But MOM, took a firm, silent stand,
She knew that God would bring me through,
Her eyes spoke what her heart already knew,
All grown up, we have become friends,
And we will be that way until eternity ends,
I'd give my life and she would too,
Our Love for God has brought us through.


My Mother's name is Mrs. Ruth Roberts,
and I wrote this poem for mother's day 1999.
She is the joy of my life,
and I love her dearly.
copyright © 1999

My Mother went home to be with the Lord, Monday March 26, 2001


I wish I could take your pain away,
and wrap it up so tight
And cast it so very far from you,
As day is from the night,
I wish I could take your suffering,
And squeeze it until it ceases to be,
I wish I could take your life,
And hide it deep inside of me,
I can't stand the thought of your suffering,
A little part of me dies each day,
I am tired of asking you how do you feel,
Because in your eyes I see,
What your mouth can't say,
You keep a smile in spite of what's going on inside,
But I see in your eyes,
Tiredness and questions, asking why,
But in your quiet moments,
You take all life has to give,
The good times with the bad,
And acceptance of death,
Because you have lived,
You say, "I can't get wearried,
And I can't give up the fight,
Because there are those worse off then me,
With no remedy, or cure in sight
At least I know where I'm going,
Because I already know where I've been,
I want to rest from this body,
And this world tainted with sin,
I have no regrets,
I've been happy, and I've been sad,
I've had many up days,
And days I've just been real mad,
I've had my health,
And it felt good,
And now pain has become my friend,
But I know my end is coming,
And my friendship with pain will soon end.
copyright © 1999 poem written by Wanda M.R. Garrett
All Rights Reserved


This was very painful for me to write.
When my Mom was very ill with cancer,
I just felt so helpless.
But at the same time I knew,
My Father God was in control of the situation.
When she was so weak I felt it,
I felt words that she could not even speak.
So out of my pain that I felt from my Mom,
This poem was written.
And through it all,
God brought her through again and again.
My Mom is my friend, my buddy,
She is my life.
And I can't imagine my life without her.
We only have one mother.
And if your Mom is still living,
You are blessed by God.
Love your Mom today.
Tell her how much she means to you.
Do something special for her before it's too late.
And then you will be left with regrets of,
"I wish I had done this, or done that with her.
Love your Mothers,
For you will only have one in this lifetime.

This site is maintain by the Poetess
Wanda M. R. Garrett
All Rights Are Reserved
None of these poems may be copied
printed or used for any purpose without the expressed or written permission of the Author




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