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CPL Honeycutt

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UPDATE!!!! Was promoted to Corporal on July 1, 2001.

Hello. Welcome to my home on the web. My name is Chris and I am serving in the United States Marine Corps. I left NC on January 27th of 1998 for boot camp in Parris Island, SC. There I remained for 13 long weeks and I graduated a Private First Class (PFC) on April 24th, 1998. I was able to take a leave of 10 days to spend with my wife and son, which I took full advantage. I was eligible to take Recruiters Assistant at that time. I was home for 30 days. I got to see what is was like to be a recruiter. FUN! Then it was off to MCT at Camp Geiger, NC. Then on June 27th, I left for NAS Pensacola. I attended my MOS (Military Operational Specialty) school there in Florida. I am studying to work in Aviation Ordnance. The weather was great but I was glad to get back home. I graduated from Pensacola on September 11th. I finished up my schooling in Cherry Point, NC in January 1999. My permanant duty station is in Beaufort, SC. I had a six month tour in Iwakuni, Japan from 7/99 and returned in 01/2000. It was a great experience but I missed my family. My wife and I had our second child on January 16th, 2001. I will keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to sign my guestbook. Thanks.

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