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Captain Otway Burns

American Army Battles
during the
War of 1812

Offical Stories obtained from:
Collections of the OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS, in detail, of all the BATTLES fought by sea and land, between the NAVY AND ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES, and the NAVY AND ARMY OF GREAT BRITIAN,
During the years 1812, 13,14,& 15.
Compiled by H.A. Fay, late captain in the Corps of U.S. Artilleries.
Published: New York, 1817.

Introductory Story:

Head-Quarters, Baltimore, 8th May 1813.

SIR-It becomes my duty to represent to your excellency, that a citizen of the U. States, and an inhabitant of Havre-de-Grace for the last fifteen years, named O'Neale, has been recently taken in arms, and in defence of his property and family, at that place, by a detachment from his B.M. fleet, serving under your command; and that the said O'Neale has been menaced with immediate and capital punishment, as a traitor to the government of his B.M. on the ground of his being , by birth, an Irishman. Nothing, in the course of public duty, would be more painful to me, that the obligation of resorting to the law of retaliation on this, or any other occasion; but, Sir, in the event of O'Neale's execution, painful as may be the duty, it becomes unavoidable: I am authorized and commmanded to state to your excellency, that two British subjects will be selected, by lot or otherwise, and immediately executed.
It is for your excellancy to choose, whether a character of such barbarism be, or be not given to the war, waged under your immediate direction.

I am, & c.

[This Letter Sent To]
His Ex. J. B. Warren

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