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Captain Otway Burns

Burns Family Album

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Captain Otway Burns.

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Family Photographs:

Otway Burns 4th

Grandson of Captain Owen Burns.
Was killed a few years after
this photo was taken.

Walter Francis Burns Jr.

Original Burns Family Cemetery.

Near Swansboro, North Carolina.

The only remaining Head Stone belongs to:

Brice Burns

He was also known as:

Edward Brice Burns
Brice Edwards Burns

The head stone is located in the center of the photograph above.

I wanted the public to see how the site appeared
when I first visited the grave in January 1999.
In time I will clean up the area and will have an after photograph taken.

There will be many more photograghs pertaining to
Captain Otway Burns.

Please be patient.

Thank you for your understanding.

If anyone has better quality photographs of the above people
I would appriciate a copy, if the photos can be authenticated.

Thank You.

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Captain Otway Burns.

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