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Captain Otway Burns

Wife of
Captain Owen Burns

This photograph was recently donated by
Ursula Burns Harper, G-G-granddaughter of Captain Otway Burns

Her father was
Walter Francis Burns.

Ursula has the original oil painting of the below photograph.

(The currrent frame around this
Photograph was produced by the creator
of this web page)

Martha Burns

Maiden name:
Martha Armstrong

Martha met Owen Burns in Baltimore, Maryland in 1844
while he was a sea captain
sailing his vessel, Julia Telford, from Wilmington Notrh Carolina.
They married in 1849 and remained in Baltimore to raise their first three sons.
By 1857, they were living in North Carolina. Just proir to 1859 Martha and Owen took their five sons to Fernandina, Florida to live.

It was believed that her father was a famous General
in the Civil War.

Direct descedants have indicated that he was an
enlisted soldier within the lower ranks.

Martha Burns
late 1890's

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