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Remembering the
Life of
Captain Otway Burns

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I have on display many interesting topics pertaining to the
War of 1812.

I have collected over 2000 pages of documents, primary and secondary references,
pertaining to
the entire life of
North Carolina's famous War of 1812 hero:

Captain Otway Burns

I also have in excess of 2000 pages of official war documents pertaining to the
Army, Navy, and Privateer actions of the war.

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The Early Life of Otway Burns.
Privateer Stories of Captain Otway Burns.
Political Career done by Otway Burns for the State of North Carolina.
Photographs of the Burns Family.
Photographs of American Naval and Privateer Vessels.
American Army Battles During the War of 1812.
War of 1812 Naval conflicts.
American Privateer Action During the War of 1812.
(PENDING)Great Britain's Army and Naval Stories.

For a List of topics relating to Captain Otway Burns and the War of 1812.
Are You a Direct Decendant of
Captain Otway Burns?

Known Descendants of Captian Otway Burns.

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Jack Robinson.

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