Something That's On My Mind

Joey doesn't like it when people mess with his favorite fan..look how mad he is

I got this letter this morning, from a girl that was critisizing my typos on the page. I just wanted to make it perfectly clear how MUCH this really irritates me. I can handle anyone on the net to mail me and tell me how un-funny I am. I can handle people saying I have bad taste in men. I can handle the personal attacks, like "you're a whore! you must be jealous!" But when someone insults my intelligence in ANY way, I get a little upset.

Ya know, I'm not sure how many people REALLY know how hard it is to do a wepage. I don't do the easy edit. We write all of our HTML FROM SCRATCH. So imagine you are sitting here, thinking of ideas, getting pictures, etc. etc. and it's 2:30 at night, and you are staring at THIS:

< HTML>< TITLE>here is where the headline goes< BODY background="/nc/nsyncgoinon/images/BEAUBLUE.GIF"LINK="#E2E2E2"VLINK="#00AEAE">< H1>< font face=Script MT Bold">< center>Here is title< br> < img src="">< br>Look,see, Justin was lying!< br>

This is what a person sees when he or she writes his or her own HTML. Add that to a white screen, people IMing you, e-mails up to read and respond to, and the thoughts that you have to get up and go to school in 5 hours, and THEN you will see why we don't have time to go back and correct every little typo.

I was under the impression that most *NSYNC fans can read over the typos, and still get the point of the section, and maybe for the most part, I'm right. But if some of you *and you KNOW who you are* feel the need to be picky like this, then maybe there won't BE a page. We need support from you people, not to be cut down for silly little typos. So if you don't really care about the typos then e-mail us and let us know. We would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.
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