I'm going to say this, and It will make many, many people not so happy, I'm sure. But this has been bugging me for days, so i'm going to vent.

This past week I have heard more stories about *NSYNC at clubs and whatnot than I would like to hear. All these stories end with the tellers becoming "disgusted" with them. Here's my opinion on the whole thing, If you don't want to read it, click here and go back I don't care. But if I don't talk about this, we'll be discussing it for weeks.

First off: Most stories start/end/whatever with the boys drinking. Okay, fine. Evey single one of those boys are over the age of 18, and while they are not "legal" they still drink. I am a Sophomore in college, and every single one of my friends drink when they go out. That is the "thing to do". *GASP* Even for stars. Why should they be an exception?

Second: All of these stories start/end/whatever with one of the boys ( most of the time Joey) doing someting..sexual..that has "shocked" the story tellers. What do I think? Good for Joey! Dance baby, dance! Get the women while you can! Again, they are all over the age of 18. They are mature ,consenting adults. THEY make their decisions, not the fans. They shouldn't have to lead the life of a saint just because they are in the public eye. As long as they aren't rude to the fans, what difference does it make what they do behind closed doors? They are all hormonal guys, and of course they want to get a little good lovin'...How many guys do you know that don't? And these girls that are dancing provocitavely with/making out with/whatever with the's their own choice of what they do. IF they can look at themselves in the mirror the next day after a one night stand with Joey, then more power to them. They "got" what most of us never will.

THRID: Everyone has this stereotype of *NSYNC: Joey is a "whore", Chris is a drunk, Justin is God on earth..and the list goes on and on. So why should we all be so shocked when we find out we are right? I am not one bit shocked. It's so expected. If people are going to be shocked by their "real" personalities, then everyone should just drop the stereotypes. Then they can really have something to be shocked about.

Alright, that's my piece. I am really interested in what you have to say about it. And since I figured out how to do this nifty form, You can just fill it out here and not worry about sending an e-mail:
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