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"Your Site Is Funny" Award

Since summer is almost here and Amanda and Sarah are going to have some extra time on their hands, we decided to make an award for sites to win. This isn't going to be one of the awards that anyone can win. WE have to really love your site. I don't belive in Just giving awards to be giving them. But here is what is looks like:

*NSYNC's Got It Goin' On! Your Site is Funny Award
Presented to: (NAME HERE) by Amanda and Sarah

Pretty snazzy, eh? We will choose one or two sites every month based on our own personal criteria. Obviously, you have to have a website to win this award, and preferably a humor site, considering this is a "Your site is funny" award. It helps if you hate Justin, but it's not a must..and it REALLY helps if you don't bash on Lance, but again, we'll still consider it. So submit your site and see if you can win!

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Just fill out this Neato Form and Push Submit..It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 (if THAT wasn't cheesy enough..)


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You can pick more than one (to do this, push the shift button while you click on the names) ..This is just for our own personal Information, It has nothing to do with Winning the Award

Do you Hate Lance?

NO! He's the BEST!
He's Cool..I like him.
YES..I hate him. He's a sell out and most likely gay
(Keep in mind who one of our favorites is)


Do you Get upset with Justin hate?

Yes. I'm Bitter.
I can take it

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