MB Rules

Guys, lately our message board has been getting a tiny bit out of hand. We get all these messages from people that nobody cares about, messages personally to either Sarah or me, or just stupid ones, that make no sense. I want to set down some rules to make it easier for the regulars to the board.

1. No messages to me. This is the most important I think, because it only wastes space and causes us to have to scroll down farther to get to the good stuff. If you really need to send me an anonymous message, the guestbook is a perfect place to do so. Or you can send me a mail.

2. No stupid messages, please. I am not any member of nsync, any member of *NSYNC's family, or affiliated with them in any way. Messages to them will not go any farther than regular fans just like you. You will only be ridiculed, so save us both the trouble and write those kinds of messages on your computer and e-mail them to yourself.

3. Please don't post more than two messages at a time, unless they are responses to previous posts. In other words, try to get your questions or comments in under one post so it saves us all time.

4. PLEASE, no girlfriend posts, ever. I would rather live in a world where they are single and ready to mingle..with me! Plus, it's their personal business, and it's rude of us to pry into it.

5. No "I hate..Britney/Joey/Chris" posts, if you can help it. Maybe you don't like them, but somebody else might. So try to respect others unless it is some specific thing they have done that might be a topic of discussion.

Some Message Board DO's

*~* DO feel free to post responses to messages, especially if you have something intelligent to say. We love opinions on this page, if that wasn't evident enough.

*~* If you have an idea for a question, throw it out and see what you can get a discussion started! You don't have to stick with the message board topic, that's just there to have a guideline.

Ok, enough with the rules! If you understand them and are ready to discuss important *NSYNC stuff with other fans,

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