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The North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club was founded in 1981 by a group of dedicated pygmy goat enthusiasts to promote the pygmy goat breed in the central region of North Carolina. They called their group the Piedmont Pygmy Goat Club. In the following years the club's name has changed twice to reflect it's growing membership which now includes members in Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, even Texas and Nevada, and, of course, North Carolina.

The club's purpose is to aid and encourage the breeding, exhibition, and perpetuation of the pygmy goat breed under the National Pygmy Goat Association's breed standards; to stimulate popular interest in the pygmy goat, and their care and management; to research and study the characteristics of the pygmy goat, their breeding, husbandry; to collect and disseminate useful information concerning them; and finally to encourage and conduct exhibits for the purpose of advancing the cause of the pygmy goat as a useful breed within the American agricultural system.

Come Join Us!

To join our merry group please contact Maggie Leman or click on the link below for a membership application.

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Members receive our bi-monthly newsletter, an informative booklet, Helpful Hints For Your Herd, full of goat health information and helpful hints for around the farm, free classified ads on this website, a listing on the members page with a link to your herd website and email, and a bunch of goat loving friends for life!  See our News Page for a sample from Helpful Hints For Your Herd.

NPGA National Convention Site

NPGA Youth Scholarship Fund
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Coming Attractions

2016 Show Dates

The NPGA National Convention
Pygmy Mountain Getaway

June 23 - 28, 2016
Youth Show June 24, 2016
Open shows June 25 & 26, 2016
Shelby, NC
Youth show Judge: Mike Putman (Lil' Champs)
Saturday Judge: David Wortham (Daworth)
Sunday Judge: Scott Colwell (Legacy Farms)

Pygmies at the Pond Stampede
September 10, 2016
Liberty, NC
1st Judge : Carol Shea-Hepner (Carol's Pygmies, Lone Prairie)
2nd Judge: Mike Putman (Lil' Champs)

NC State Fair
October 23, 2016
Raleigh, NC
Judge: Teasha Lee (Westsun Pygmies)

The Festival of Pygmies
November 12, 2016
Liberty, NC
1st Judge: Erin McCarthy (Mc-Mac Farms)
2nd judge: Lynda Gredin (Lynbil Pygmies)

All shows are 2 full shows in 1 day, except for the NC Fair which is a single show for wethers and does.

Entry Forms and Showbills and Event Registration Forms will be available online at the NCPGC website, or by snail mail or email by contacting Maggie Leman.  Watch the NCPGC website for updates!  The NCPGC shows offer showmanship classes, wether shows, doe shows, buck shows and classes for unregistered does and bucks.  We will be offering the Master Champion Challenge classes for both bucks and does at each show, so bring those wonderful PGCH's back out and show them off!

  Other Shows In The Area

For more show listings go to The National Pygmy Goat Association website

The NCPGC has made a yearly donation for the past 16 years to Heifer International in an amount sufficient to buy a goat for a needy family.

 Heifer International: Pass on the Gift



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NC Vet List


Tattoo Letter for 2014 is E

Tattoo letter for 2015 is F


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