[Sincere apologies to the songwriters]

Why don't you believe me
When bimbos throw stones?
Is it Kathleen Willey?
Was it Paula Jones?

What's wrong with my story?
Why question my tale?
I'm not a draft dodger,
I didn't inhale.

How can you say I'm dishonest?
How could you think I'd pretend?
When have I broken a promise,
Or double-crossed a friend?

I've never misspoken;
I've never denied;
Why don't you believe me,
When I've never lied?

I'd never monkey with welfare.
No shady funds would I raise.
Didn't I come through on health care,
And civil rights for gays?

If Monica tells you
That I've been untrue,
Why don't you believe me --
She did my wife too!

Copyright © 1998 By Kneeless Leibowitz


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